Created by the owner of a company that sells toilet partitions online, Aviation Shirts is a passion-turned secondary business that fills the void for high-quality tees and merchandise designed for the aviation community.

Passions are great material to create new businesses with. But you have to have the right ingredients to do so. Here four great questions to start with before setting out to monetize your passion:

Answer: Our edge was inside knowledge from first hand experience in the aviation community. This equipped Aviation Shirts with great comic material – much of which only flight enthusiasts would even understand (like our Remove Before Flight T Shirt.)

Answer: Search traffic was analyzed to see what kind of numbers of people are looking for this traffic month to month. The results showed a moderate-sized market: enough to potentially make consistent income but not so much that it resulted in a highly-competitive market.

Answer: This was the easiest one. Custom printed t-shirts can match any market composed people with two arms and a torso. Just add some great artwork. In our case, we opted for a professional graphic designer to design some funny pilot T shirts but for some it could be as simple as getting started in Adobe Illustrator themselves.

Answer: The cost of flying is a restrictive factor that keeps the aviation community relatively small. And that means a smaller market to monetize. But that isn’t as problematic as you might think. For a passion-based business like, a smaller niche can be perfect as you aren’t up against major competition. Trying to start your business as “fitness tees” or something similar would be a much larger undertaking as you would be competing with major, well-established players.

So what’s your passion, and how do your answers stack up for it?