Have you ever wondered how to promote your apparel brand on social media platforms? If can be a hard task to do sometimes. When you created unique, custom screen printed t-shirts, you should allow the shirt to do a lot of the promotion. 

Think about an event where they give away free shirts to every person that attends the event. That t-shirt is being advertised by almost every single person that went to that event. T-Shirts do a fabulous job at promoting themselves, but sometimes it can be a difficult task to build your social media platform. 

Instagram and Facebook are some of the most commonly used apps today, all around the world. It is the new way to communicate and advertise to individuals, in your area and all over the world. Utilizing Facebook and Instagram to advertise your custom apparel brand, can do so many things.

Giveaways are a huge way to promote your apparel brand. When your customers buy a product from you, it is beneficial to ask them to tag your apparel brand and post a picture in their custom made apparel. Start your own apparel brand today.

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