Summer is getting into full swing, and it’s time to consider how to celebrate your summer food business or event. Why not make a custom t-shirt to celebrate summer foods? Cheap custom T-shirts add visibility to your community activities and let you create a simple way to convey your business and services to everyone you come into contact with. All of this happens without even saying a word. Here are some ideas to get you started with custom summer T-shirt designs.

Barbecue Favorites

Highlight your barbecue restaurant or something quirky with a barbecue theme that brings attention to your business during the summer months. Some grocery stores, for example, host onsite barbecue events that draw attention and business to their store. Tees that display info about a summer barbecue make people notice your brand and garner attention for the event you’re hosting. Include your group’s information, depending on your event type, and let people know you’re a part of the summer’s hottest barbecue event.

Useful and Fun Diagrams

Instead of emblazoning your barbecue tees strictly with information about your company or event, use the shirt fronts as a canvas for including some kind of humorous or useful animal diagram. For example, you can include a picture of a cow with the cuts labeled as they might be in a butcher’s directory. This is a unique approach to the barbecue aesthetic and to give tees a usefulness beyond your event itself. Consider replacing the names of the cuts with something humorous.

Hot Dog and Other Eating Contests

If you’re hosting a hot dog eating contest or other summertime eating extravaganza, use custom T-shirts to spread the word. Set up employees with custom tees to walk the boardwalk in front of the venue where you host the eating contest. This helps generate crowd interest and commitment alongside flyers and handouts.

Standard Swag

At the event itself, give participants an exclusive T-shirt that features the name of your event and any sponsor information. T-shirt giveaways are standard swag for events like this, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to give your participants a little memento to remember the day.

Sweet, Sweet Summertime Favorites

Milkshakes, ice cream cones, and french fries are all classic summertime boardwalk staples. All of these are really popular right now, and totally Instagram-worthy. Hop onto the trend with a custom summer cuisine tee that has a cool picture of an ice cream cone or a sublimated pattern featuring over-the-top milkshakes. Get customers to pour into your establishment for the T-shirt, but stay for the food.

Featuring Summer Cuisine

Use these summer favorites to advertise all kinds of businesses, from ice cream shoppes to pizza parlors. Work with a designer or browse popular Instagram hashtags featuring summer foods to find inspiration for your summer food shirt design.

Healthy Summertime Essentials

Of course, summer is hardly the time for indulgences alone. With summer comes the amazing crop of natural bounty, including fresh fruits and vegetables. If you’re selling your products at the farmer’s market or a health-centric event, use summertime foods to garner attention for the products that you offer.

Get Fresh and Healthy Tees

Create summer tees with fun healthy foods, like kale, strawberries, blueberries or beets, to advertise your gym or healthy event. Consider a local 5K fun run or a bike ride for charity. Use fruits and vegetables to make funny little puns like “let’s beet the competition” and hand them out to participants. Participants definitely want to wear those shirts again!

Why Choose Custom Summer Food Tees?

Summer food is iconic. Adding summer food to your company’ or event’s T-shirts just makes sense, and it could make dollars, too.

Food is Fun

Everyone wants a cool summer food T-shirt. From hot dogs to ice cream cones, food is just fun. There’s some intrinsic value that simply unites people and makes them want to be part of something that’s fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Using food on your summer promotional tees gives off a cool vibe that your competition may not display. Get a leg up year-round with a well-placed summer food T-shirt that catches the attention of your community.

Custom T-shirt Designs for Your Business

Custom T-shirts also give you an advantage when it comes to nearly free advertising. Employees and guests who wear your summer food tees walk around town all day with information about your company written across the front or back of the shirt.

While you may use the front of your food T-shirt to have your food emblem emblazoned across it, the back is a blank slate where you can put your company name, logo and location. This is a very convenient way to get participants to advertise for you without making them feel like walking billboards. Put a charming hamburger on the front of your summer promotional tee and your company information across the back, and customers will be asking you for shirts that let them spread the love for your brand.

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