As we approach the tail end of summer days, there are a number of upcoming festivals and events making their way into the Nashville area. We are eager to capture the attention and business of infamous events in the next few months. Here are several services that we can offer you, as the consumer, and for businesses that hosts these events.

The first services that we know would be invaluable to you and the event is a custom screen printed t-shirt that displays the originality of the event. For example, the upcoming Tomato Fest in East Nashville had 8,000 custom screen printed t-shirts made to give out to showcase and help consumers remember the event. That is what we hope to achieve by printing for Nashville events!

The second service that we can offer you is vinyl lettering and heat pressing. Lets say, for example, that you only need 15 shirts for a group who is going to Live on the Green, but know that custom screen printed t-shirts are out of your budget. What is your next option? We like to offer customers the opportunity to purchase a shirt where ink is replaced by vinyl lettering. What are the benefits? Time and money; two areas we always want to save in!

Lastly, we offer our free design help located on our website, and is something we have recently added to our website that we believe is an indispensable tool and asset to our customers. This helps eliminate error and gives our clients the ability to remain in control of the design process the entire time. You pick you style, font, ink color, proximity and layout of design on the shirt, and much more!

We hope that you will choose TakeHold Printing for your next major event and printing needs. With a 98% customer satisfaction rating and impeccable customer service, we are guaranteed to produce a custom screen printed t-shirt that you can enjoy for years to come! Please do not hesitate to contact us at, 615.943.1402 or by email, for more questions!