Custom tees are a rite of passage for musicians. Fans expect to see custom tee shirts at the merch table and they make great marketing tools. As a Nashville musician you can get your name out there and gain support all through creating and selling custom tees. Here is why you need customized tees to marketing your band.

Custom Tees Show Fandom

Custom tees that bear your solo name or the name of your band are a souvenir fans can wear to show their support. Many fans collect band tees and will hold on to them for years.

Custom Tees Spread Awareness

When your band is just starting out you need to make potential fans aware you exist. When your fans wear a custom tee that bears your band’s name they will get your information in front of a wider audience. Tee shirts work like signs or billboards that display your name. When one person wears your shirt they will spread your name to their friends, family, classmates, coworkers and even strangers they pass while running errands.

Established Acts Benefit From Tees

Even if your music career is going strong and you have a large and loyal following custom tees still deliver value. Tees work like a reminder and keep your name front of mind for both your fan wearing the shirt, and the people your fan encounters while they wear your shirt and go about their day.

Quality Investment

As a promotional product custom tees are a smart investment. A lot of factors from the artwork to the number of shirts ordered impact what you will pay, but your investment is typically inexpensive. You can sell the custom tees for more than what you paid and make a profit. Furthermore, when your fans wear the shirt they will promote your music and increase awareness and recognition around your band. Tees lead to more fans who listen to and appreciate your music, as well as more ticket, album and tee shirt sales.

Tips to Create the Perfect Customized Tee for Your Band

Take the time to think through the design when ordering your band’s custom tees. With some careful thought you can create a stunning shirt that your fans will want to get their hands on.

Go Big with a Large Design

Maximize the space and use as much as possible. Our printable area is 13” x 13”. The cost is the same if you print part of that space of the full area, so go big and make sure your message is seen.

Single or Double Sided Printing

Printing on both sides of a shirt increases the cost, but it also increases the visibility of your marketing message. As your fans wear your shirt they will get the word out about your band on both the front and back of the tee. If your budget is limited consider just printing on the front to keep costs down.

Minimize Use of Colors

Every color used in the artwork requires another screen and another run – this adds up. If your objective is to be cost effective, go with fewer colors. You can still design an impactful and eye-catching custom tee only using one or two colors. The color of the shirt matters, too. Dark colored tees may require multiple runs for the ink to take and the artwork to display as intended. Lighter colored tees display just about any color of ink and only require one run.

Select a Quality Tee

When creating customized tees the quality of the shirt matters. Higher quality shirts are more expensive, but this is an investment that will pay off. Quality shirts are softer and comfortable to wear, so your fans will likely wear the shirt more often. Nicer shirts will also hold up well and last longer, so that means fans will be rocking your band’s custom tee for a much longer time.

Increase the Quantity

Score a great deal by ordering a higher quantity of custom shirts. From a manufacturing standpoint producing a large quantity of custom tees is less expensive compared to a low quantity.

Consider the Numbers

Ordering a large quantity can be a great deal, but only if you can sell your inventory. For example, if you plan to order 1,000 custom tees increasing the quantity to 1,500 or 2,000 may be worth considering. Increasing the quantity to 10,000 custom tees will drastically reduce the price per shirt, but that will leave you with a lot of shirts to sell.

Stay Local

Working with a local Nashville tee shirt printer can streamline and simplify the entire process. As a Music City printer we understand the importance of creating custom tees to support your musical career and our vibrant city. From design help to quickly turning around orders our team is available to help at every step of the way.

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