Give your Nashville New Year’s Eve celebration a custom and unique twist to create a memorable party your guests will rave about all year. The first thing to do is establish a theme. Of course, we’re partial to a Nashville theme. Build your party around this central theme, plan some fun activities and create custom gifts to put your party over the top and ensure everyone has a blast as you ring in the New Year.

The Importance of a Theme

A theme makes your party feel special and exciting while also pulling everything together. Decor, food, activities and more should all be linked by the theme; this will create a cohesive experience that will be fun and memorable. A good theme will also make planning much easier since you will have direction when making decisions concerning every aspect of the party. A Nashville theme is a fun way to give your party some local flare or remind you of home if you live someplace else.

Fun Activities

Look at your guest list and brainstorm an activity that will appeal to everyone. For a quiet night in you can plan a trivia game. The questions should revolve around the history of The Music City. For a more rambunctious crowd you can do karaoke or even pit guests against one another playing Guitar Hero.

Meat and Three

Whether you decide to go with finger foods or a full meal give your menu a Nashville spin. Choose a classic meat and three menu complete with Southern classics, such as fried chicken, meatloaf or ham and tasty sides like mac and cheese, creamed corn or baked squash. If you decide to sit down to eat at the stroke of midnight plan to have snacks available earlier in the evening.

Spruce Up the Place

Celebrate all things Music City with a country music inspired decor plan. Look for anything music related from tablecloths to candle holders. String white lights to give your space an intimate feel.

Unique Gift for Guests

Plan a gift or favor for your guests that will be a reminder of your fun evening long after the party ends. A thoughtful gift will help create great memories and commemorate a good time.

Create Custom Tees

Design your very own custom tee shirts to celebrate the party. Give each guest one of your custom designed tees to wear during the party and as a gift they can continue to wear long into the New Year. Tees make a fun gift that your guests will love, appreciate and be sure to wear again and again.

Element of Surprise

Keep the custom tee shirts a surprise until your guests arrive. Tease your guests ahead of time with cryptic clues via text message, email or social media letting them know you have a surprise in store for everyone. A fun surprise will get the night off to a great start and ensure everyone is excited and having fun.

Design Your Tees

Create artwork that ties into the theme and the New Year celebration that you want printed on your custom tees. Submit your artwork and we can print it the shirts of your choosing. If you have questions about how to set up or submit files get in touch and we can help. We’re here to help if you need design help, too. If you have a great idea, but no access to Illustrator or design software or if you have no idea where to start simply let us know and we can lend a hand.

Choose Your Tees

We have a variety of shirts available in both short and long sleeve. Pick the color and style that will most appeal to your guests and fit in with your activities. Depending on how well established you theme is you may want to choose a shirt color to tie into your decor.

Quick Turnaround

Once your artwork in final and you have decided on the type and color of shirts we can get to work. We can quickly print your custom tees in three to seven days, but make sure to give yourself plenty of time. December is a busy time of year and it can be easy to put off placing your order. The sooner you get your order in the sooner you’ll have your custom tees and be ready to celebrate the New Year!

Make sure your New Year’s Eve party stands out from the rest and do something fun and unique with a Nashville twist. From festive decor to food to custom tees, plan the perfect party to close out 2017 and welcome 2018.

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