Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you may be struggling with what to get your mom. For such an important person in your life, it can be hard to find the perfect gift that tells her how much you love and appreciate her. Whether looking for a gift for your mother, your wife or a mom-to-be, a custom t-shirt is a great gift to commemorate the occasion. A shirt is something that she cherishes for years to come. Flowers wilt and die, but a custom t-shirt lasts for decades, and she remembers you whenever she wears it. Find out more about how to order custom t-shirts online to celebrate Mother’s Day.

What to Put on the T-Shirt

You have a wide variety choices for what to put on the t-shirt you design for Mom. They’re limited only by your imagination! Consider a few thoughtful options when you order custom t-shirts online.

Photographs of the family

This is a great time to go through old photos and pick one to put on a custom t-shirt. If you can’t choose just one, maybe you have a few that fit onto the shirt.  There are many directions to go with photos. You could opt for a photo of the entire family. You could also choose a photo of just her and her children together. You could also go back to a photo from the day she gave birth and held her baby for the first time.


A sonogram is a great fit for a Mother’s Day shirt. You can use this as a shirt for either a mom or a mom-to-be. A custom t-shirt with a sonogram on it is a keepsake that may make Mom cry. It can act as a reminder of that special, and often difficult, time in her life when she carried her baby. The shirt reminds her she found out she was pregnant, hearing a heartbeat for the first time and those little kicks that became stronger as the the baby grew.

First Mother’s Day

If this is the mom’s first Mother’s Day, it’s a great idea to commemorate the occasion with a custom t-shirt. Make sure to include the date of this celebration as a reminder of that time in the new mom’s life.

Words praising Mom

You could include phrases such as  “World’s Best Mom,” “#1 Mom,” “Super Mom” or “My Mom is Awesome!” Words designed to praise mom are great choices for custom t-shirts. Get these type of shirts for all the moms in the family.

Quotes from Mom

Maybe your Mom is funny or you have an inside joke with her. That’s a great quote to put on a custom t-shirt! She’s sure to cherish something that was designed specifically for her and features something that she’ll remember forever. You can get these shirts for everyone in the family to wear together!

Quotes from her favorite movies or television shows

Another idea is to specifically tailor a t-shirt to your Mom as an individual. Include quotes from movies or television shows that she enjoys. You could even adapt the quote to include something about mothers.

Words to highlight her interests

You could design a t-shirt that illustrates things that interest your Mom. Maybe your mom likes a certain sport or workout. You could pay tribute to this on her new shirt. This would be something like “Yoga Mama” or “This Mom’s Cross-fit.”

Combine a few ideas

You could take a few of the ideas above and combine them to make a truly unique shirt. You may want to include a picture or graphic along with a words as a tribute to Mom.

Design Elements

Think of several design elements that go into your custom t-shirt made especially to honor that special woman in your life.

Color of the T-shirt

There are many colors to choose from for a shirt. You don’t need to stick with white. You could choose a t-shirt that is your Mom’s favorite color. Since it’s spring, bright colors would also be a good idea for this time of year.

Color of the font

Make sure you choose a font color that stands out from the rest of the shirt. You can also be creative with the font style that you use. Make sure that the font is easy to read and matches your Mom’s unique style.

The cut of the shirt

In order for your Mom to truly love the shirt that you design for her, make sure to get the right size and a flattering cut. Some women like closer-cut shirts, while others prefer ones that have some room. Some women like V-neck shirts, while others prefer traditional collared shirts or even polo shirts. Take these things into consideration when you choose the shirt for your Mom.

Moms really appreciate when you put thought into the gift that you get for them for Mother’s Day. A custom t-shirt is a great idea for something that’s unique and shows that some thought went into it. Design a shirt as a tribute to your Mom this year.

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