It’s really not that complicated….to pick a shirt. And the color. And maybe even the style (Long sleeve, shorts sleeve, pocket tee); however, to some of us in the screen printing business know just how difficult it can appear to certain clients. Possibly even exhausting…

Here are some points to consider before you sit down with your local screen printing company (TakeHold Printing- are there any other options?!) and discuss having  t-shirts printed.

First things first: Think shirt. What is that you are looking for? Is this something you want to cut cost for or is this for your local country club aficionado who knows the fiber count for every shirt hung in his custom made cedar plank closet? This is entirely speculation but, I am betting you are looking for something in the Gildan family or if you really want to shake things up, possibly even Comfort Colors which will run you a little more.

Second: Don’t get hung up on colors. Let face it- you want this shirt to look like you just paid big bucks for it- because chances are you did! But the reality is that there are 10 different hues of green and yellow and orange and blue and pink (get the picture). Anyone looking for your business will gladly and willingly, I might add, help you labor over Irish Green vs Turf Green on top of Daisy. But, the reality is that colors are difficult to pick, so trust your gut and don’t over think it!

Third: Come prepared! Before your initial email or sit down meeting, determine your expectations. Ask questions and let us guide you to a final product that exceeds your expectations. We are more than happy to provide you with a digital catalogue that you can browse over lunch to help you nail down a style, color, etc….this helps us better understand the entire picture and all of your needs.

Fourth: Finally, think outside of the t-shirt!  Bags, towels, aprons, backpacks, and hoodies are all fantastic options to have screen printed. Although T-shirts, specifically the Gildan 5000, are the most common option that businesses go with extend your product line so that your business, cause, or organization can become more versatile!  But whatever you choose, TakeHold Printing is grateful to have your medium to print!