As summer approaches, people start to get out of their homes and into restaurants, beach venues, hotels, bars and clubs where they can take advantage of the warm weather and free time. There are numerous ways that business owners can take advantage of this change in the climate by offering custom design tees to attract customers and spread the word about special promotions that they want to share with their target market.

Restaurant and Bar Tees

To start, custom tees can be used by restaurant, bar or club owners to help with the restaurant’s branding, which can help establish long-term customers and attract others who associate the venue with key words and images. A custom printed t-shirt that has a logo of the restaurant on it, or an eye-catching image with an appealing slogan, is able to build up the image of the restaurant so that people who see the shirt immediately understand what the business is trying to sell – and as a result, they will be more drawn to going there if they like the message that it is sending.

Branding eateries

The larger benefit of this (which applies to all businesses) is that t-shirts help spread a branding message to more than just the person who wears them. By handing them out for free at your restaurant, or giving them away on certain days or times that correlate with promotions such as happy hour, you can make sure that they get out to as many people as possible. And then the people that do end up wearing them show the shirt to every person who sees it while they are walking by on the street or spending time together at work. Thus, the impact of the shirt is multiplied many times over.

Spread the word about special events

Owners of such venues can also use custom-printed t-shirts to promote special events going on, either handing out the shirts ahead of time to build up excitement for the event or giving them to attendees who can use them to commemorate the special day. For example, if you are throwing a “tropical night” at your bar or a Fourth of July bash at your restaurant, both could have a custom-designed tee that helps people expect what’s to come and show up on the night of, or remember the event after it happens and come back to your business later.

Summer Camps for Kids

Another use for custom tees is to promote summer camps taking place for kids during the summer months, as it’s a great way to bond participants and encourage parents to send their kids back the next year.

Fit into the group

Summer camps are all about the experience of getting to know your group of fellow campers, and most choose to do this by custom-printing t-shirts with the year of the camp, the name, a logo, the location and the names of all the campers on the back. That way, participants feel like they are a part of something special, and they will want to partake in this experience again the next year.

Vacation Venues

Trendy vacation hot spots will also want to distribute t-shirts in order to promote their location as the weather gets warmer and they want to get the word out so people can make plans to stay there. Wearing a tee promotes the resort and encourage others to ask about it. These discussions can attract more people to stay at the summer vacation getaway spot.

Focus on holidays and promos 

This can apply to hotels as well, which can either give out shirts as a promotion or to guests who stay there at certain times, such as on holidays and promotional days offered by the hotel. Some designs include the logo of the hotel, an image of the hotel’s location or a reference to the local area that people come to visit, which can allow them to look back fondly on their stay months or years later when they are reminiscing about their vacation.

The key when creating these t-shirts is to make them fashionable, wearable, and trendy, so that people who receive them will want to show them off and therefore spread their message to others. One way to do this is by scouring online blogs and fashion websites to see what’s in vogue — for example, you don’t just have to print basic blocky t-shirts, but can get v-necks or tank tops if that’s what’s being worn right now. You should also make choices in colors, designs, and fabrics based on what is most wearable; one consideration is thinner materials in order to accommodate the heat of the summer.

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