It is the time again to prepare your kids for sports such as soccer, baseball, and basketball. Your child is a little nervous and so are his or her friends. But remember, sports activities boost your children’s well-being. It will have an impact on their physicality, endurance, skills, and self-esteem. But how should you prepare them for Nashville spring sports team try-outs? Remember, practice makes perfect and encourage them with team-spirited colorful custom tees!

Start with Encouragement

Children are typically apprehensive. They want to play, but they are afraid. You can combat this by talking to your children and give them words of inspiration. Share the stories of your own experiences and help them learn from you. Leave inspirational messages around the house. If your child has tablets or phones, you can send them inspiring quotes to help boost their morale. And entice them by letting the team design their colorful custom tees.

Make Nutritious Meals

If you want your children to succeed, you need to set the expectation to reduce junk food. Help them understand that vegetables and fruits are the key to a healthy body. Your children may frown at the idea but assure them that you are not entirely eliminating junk from their diet, tell them that it just has to be controlled.

Do your research on what is best for them. Make nutritious meals at home before going to school and pack their lunches. Better yet, speak to their pediatrician and involve the doctor in planning your children’s meals. Tell your children that if they eat the wrong body fuel, they will play poorly.

Make Uniform T-Shirts

Nothing beats being in a team as far as self-esteem is concerned. Invite other parents and sponsor uniform t-shirts for your children. During practice and the day of the try-outs, let the children wear these tees. Donning a personalized tee gives them a sense of belonging. They develop emotional strength, being part of a team that went through the same quality of training.

If your children, wear a uniform during try-outs, chances are they will cheer for each other. Cheering and support work wonders when it comes to motivation.

Teach Kids to Stay Healthy

Apart from eating good food, your children should realize that they need to get adequate sleep and that they need to stay hydrated. They need to sleep at least eight hours a day. Or better yet, 10 hours. You also need to remind them to drink plenty of water and avoid carbonated drinks. Only allow sports drinks when they are practicing and sweating a lot. Sports drinks are made to rehydrate the body in extreme physically exhausting conditions such as during practice.

Get the Try-Out Scorecard

If you have access to the school’s trainer or coach, try to get a scorecard on how the players will be selected. With this, you have a powerful tool that will help guide you as to which areas you and your children need to focus on. For example, a lot of points is given to the ability to score, dribble, pass, and receive the ball in basketball.

If you know which attributes and skills are being measured to make it to the team, you can design your regimen with your child and focus on the areas that have value in the try-outs.

Children need guidance and support from their parents. For them to succeed, there is a need for involvement from you. Without your guidance, a child will feel lost and will not know where to start.  And make it all fun with colorful custom tees that build confidence and team spirit.

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