Have you wondered what trade show attendance really offers? Is your investment in custom tees for trade shows (even though they are cheap) really worth the dollar spent on them? Let’s see if a little information on the brilliant combination of your business, trade shows and cheap custom tee shirts proves the value to you.

The Value of Trade Shows for Your Business

Trade shows offer plenty of opportunities to increase your exposure and promote your business. With an investment of time and minimal cost, you gain education, insight into industry trends, knowledge of new products, access to resources and conversations with other business leaders. In addition to finding the inspiration to improve your business, you earn priceless business relationships for every trade show you attend.

Generate Leads and Motivate Employees

As if that were not enough, from a marketing standpoint, business cards, show directories and relationships collected at these shows bring leads for industry allies and prospective customers. Yes, in one locale, you build your internal company strength and your reach simultaneously. To top it off, the fun of trade shows energizes and motivates you and your employees. This relaxed, interactive atmosphere is perfect for breaking out company T-shirts. In fact, several reasons exist which make them worth their minimal cost.

Top Reasons to Order T-Shirts for Trade Shows

Custom T-shirts represent a simple, but effective, means of unifying your company employee pool and boosting marketing efforts at trade shows. Consider that tees are:

— Cost effective.

— Versatile.

— Easy to design and customize.

— Quick in turnaround time.

— Simple to use.

— Outlast the trade show.

— Appeal to a wide audience.

However, you have much greater reasons for ordering custom tees for trade shows.


Custom T-shirts worn by your employees makes it easy for show attendees to recognize you. After all, confusion turns business prospects away. On the other hand, if people easily spot employees within your organization, they are more likely to ask their questions or engage in a conversation to learn more about your products or services. Furthermore, the cohesive look of a custom T-shirt puts forth a professional, attractive image. Admit it or not, these factors prompt instant recall of your brand and brand trust. In other words, custom tees make a good first impression at trade shows.


Custom T-shirts bearing your logo increase brand awareness among those attending the trade show. Choosing company colors for the shirt, logo and lettering brings even greater brand visibility. In a sea of people at any trade show, the presence of several of your company’s tees keeps you in the mind of the consumer and B2B customers. In reality, prospects are more likely to buy from a brand they recognize, even without research. Mere familiarity is enough to spur a decision in your direction if a consumer has little decision-making motivation. In other words, getting those T-shirts walking about the trade show increases your brand recognition and raises the chance prospects will recall your product and services when they consider a purchase.


Custom T-shirts remind show attendees of the event and your company, and that draws them back if the show is a yearly occurrence. Furthermore, printing the T-shirts with show specials and promotions brings contact with attendees after the show. After all, many people like knowing they saved money through an exclusive or special deal. In light of this, consider using T-shirts that advertise special product promotions. Clearly include your web address and promise a gift for visiting your site. Just remember to make all offers simple and clear. If the print size or color of the T-shirt proves difficult to read, the promotion fails.


Handing out T-shirts at your booth brings even more brand awareness to your business. In fact, your logo gets free exposure to the person wearing the T-shirt, but also everyone the wearer comes in contact with on weekend errands, at neighborhood gatherings, around the amusement park and everywhere the person goes while wearing your shirt. Hand out shirts to promising contacts to encourage a continuing conversation. For even greater impact, connect the giveaway with a positive experience and the T-shirt becomes a favorite. After all, more wear equals more visibility. Pair T-shirt giveaways with a fun contest, a game at your trade show booth or some other creative event to spur good associations in the mind of the recipient.

Team Morale

The internal workings of your company benefit from donning custom T-shirts at trade shows as well. Boost morale by creating a sense of belonging and unity among employees sporting the same tee. Company pride and camaraderie develop with these special tees. Consider having employees design a T-shirt through a design contest to create excitement. Present several designs and conduct a vote for the favorite. Giving opportunities for employee involvement around the look of a custom tee increases engagement and a sense of team.

When considering maximizing the potential of your marketing dollars, customized T-shirts in combination with trade shows prove a winner. Custom printing companies offer help with color selection and design for novices. Whether you design the T-shirt yourself or seek professional assistance, the goal remains the same. Create brilliant T-shirt which gets you noticed and sends your audience the right message.

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