August 5, 2021

Screen Printing For All of Your Sports Needs

Today, in this day and age of fast fashion, trends continue to evolve with each passing season.
But, if there is one trend that stands its ground, it is the simple yet meaningful art of printed shirts.
From tees with company logos, to DIY print bi-color t-shirts, there is an entire world of options to explore in the printed genre, and Screen Printing makes it happen!
What Is Screen Printing?

Amongst numerous printing technologies, screen printing is still perhaps the most widely used. It uses thick inks to create designs of your desire on the fabric.
Durable, easy-to-print, and depicting a high-quality output, screen-printed t-shirts have become all the rage, and rightly so.
Let’s see what makes them so special for events:
The FIFA world cup is coming up, but do you have your favorite club's shirt? Whatever sports shirt you purchase, most of them are screen printed.
Be it Arsenal or Chelsea tees, both have vivid logos and designs. On top of that, they're printed fabrics. So that gives us one advantage of screen printing, i.e., it can help achieve bold colors and images.
The bold colors are vibrant and catchy. You might have noticed that the jerseys are of different colors. Well, that's another advantage of screen printing! The ink remains on the fabric, making it compatible with any color.
If you are an avid follower of any band, you’d definitely want to go to their concert in a shirt exclaiming their name. With a screen-printed shirt, this becomes possible.
While you can go for a DIY screen-print, the band management may also have printed tees available before the event to set the mood!
Summer Events
From church camp to family vacations, summer is the time to relax and have fun; and what better way to do that than with comfortable, breathable screen-printed tees?
Wear a t-shirt with your favorite quote, a minimalist design, or embrace current social media trends with a cool meme or gif printed on the shirt. The sky is the limit to possible color and design combinations with screen-printed tees!

Are you organizing any event, or do you plan on attending one?
Screen printing is a viable option to create designs.
Buy as a single item, or purchase in bulk; it is time to embrace the print and get trendy!

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