December 29, 2012

Screen Printing In Nashville. Tip #1 Have Your Design Ready.

Having your screen printing in Nashville done without any designs ready can make things difficult and could cost you money. We offer Free Art Help to solve this. Providing us with the design or your ideas can save a lot of time. Here are some tips for getting your ideas together:

Step 1- Know where you would like the design to be printed.

Some common areas are the front chest and the back side of the garment. But you can have your design printed on sleeves, legs, just about anywhere really. The chat below shows the common layout for printing on t-shrits.

Step 2- Know how many colors you want printed.

Do you want a one-color or a full-color? A full-color will cost more then a one-color but the full-color can be printed in a photo- like image. The common amount of colors printed on t-shirts are between 1-3 colors.

The image below will show you the difference between a one color print and a full color. As you can see, having a one color print can still give you a lot of details if the design is done well. Reducing the amount of colors can save you money.

Step 3- Know how large the print should be.

Do you need something just on the chest plate or the whole back side? After you know what you're looking for, feel free to let us know and we can get some design ideas going for you. Remember we offer free art help. So feel free to contact us anytime to price your order.


These simple steps can help save you time and help us better price your project.
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