You have probably noticed the ever-growing trend of custom made t-shirts. They have become popular at family reunions or even for larger families as a way to easily count their kids. Have you ever thought about custom shirts for your company?

TakeHold Printing wants to help set your company apart with our custom made shirts.

Do I Have to Hire Someone To Design Them?

We feel that you will find our design process easy to maneuver. You can choose either a blank canvas to work from or customize something from our 100’s of premade templates. In no time at all, you can have a custom shirt boasting your company’s logo.

You can upload your own images and logos, change fonts on premade templates, and even change the colors of our premade images. You can also customize the color of your shirt as well as choose from a few different t-shirt styles. We also help with your design, adding clip art and text to create a basic design, free of charge.

Set Your Company Apart with a T-Shirt

At first thought, you might be wondering how a simple t-shirt will set your company apart. But, there is a reason that custom made t-shirts have become trendy. Here are some ways we feel would be away a shirt can set you apart:

  1. New Hires: You can give them out to new hires so they immediately feel like they are part of something and have belonging
  2. Walking Advertisement: You can have your employees wear custom shirts to your next company picnic. Not only will it set your employees apart and show them as part of one group, but they will become a walking advertisement for your company
  3. Team Unity: Create a team environment because everyone knows who their people are
  4. Your company is community oriented: You can have us make custom t-shirts for your next company volunteer event. This will show the community that your company cares and is out donating its time
  5. Office wear: Take away the hassle of picking out clothes for work. You can create custom shirts for employees to wear in the office. They will thank you for the extra 5 minutes they get to spend sleeping instead of sorting through their closet. They will also appreciate the comfy shirt instead of a stiff collared shirt.
  6. Casual Friday/Office incentives: Create t-shirts for casual Friday wear and then give them out as incentives. Your employees will be further motivated if they not only get to have a casual day, but they will get to show off that they met the incentive by wearing the t-shirts. This is also another great way to create a sense of worth and belonging in your employees
  7. Company uniforms: If your company is a taco truck set up in the food truck capital of the city, you can create affordable and comfortable uniforms with our custom made t-shirts
  8. Different shirts for different events: With the endless design options, you can create a different shirt for each event you are promoting. Employees can keep these like trophies to compare with other employees.

Free Advertisement

Picture your employees all boasting that sweet shirt you designed at the company event at your local amusement park. They will be wearing your logo, showing off your brand to hundreds of people. Further, your employees will often wear these company shirts as   to the gym where even more eyes will be on your brand.

Start Designing Your Shirts Today

You can get started right now designing your company t-shirts. You create the look you want and then let TakeHold Printing make your look a reality. We have a quick turn around time and free shipping so you can get to work setting your company apart.