A custom printed tee is used to promote Nashville businesses, causes, and concepts. While the image and slogan might be the same on all the tees, people have their own unique ways of wearing them. Dare to be different by putting pizzazz into your t-shirts with a dash of creative energy. It makes an old shirt look new and brings the message to life all over again.

Cut It Up

People instantly cut the legs off old jeans to turn them into shorts. Another cool clothing item to cut up is a custom printed tee. Most t-shirts have a crew neck and cap sleeves. Cut off the sleeves for a fresh look that feels good on the hottest days of the year. Or cut off the neck to create a v-neck or boat neck style that is all yours. Another option is to cut the bottom of the tee into a fun fringe that adds country flair to any pair of jeans or shorts.

Say It Yourself

Often promotional t-shirts have a simple statement, such as the business name and logo. There may not be any other info on the shirt. Why not say it for yourself? Use a permanent marker or fabric paints to put your personalized message on the shirt. Write your favorite thing about the business so everyone else knows how you feel.

Tote It Around

One of the coolest ways to transform a custom printed tee is to make a tote bag. Now that most people bring shopping bags to the store, why not make your own from one of your favorite t-shirts? Make sure the image and slogan is featured on the front of your bag. Use a sewing machine to create a tote that look good and is functional, too. Not crafty? There are also no-sew ways to make a t-shirt tote.

Dress It Up

Typically, people wear t-shirts with a pair of pants or shorts. Sometimes they are also worn under a blazer or with a casual skirt. Fashion-forward females in Nashville wear oversize t-shirts as dresses for a day at the pool or beach. An attractive tee can be dressed up for a night on the town with the right accessories. 

Make a Fashion Statement 

When people go to a crowded venue or event, often photographers are on the scene to catch the vibe. Make a fashion statement by wearing a t-shirt for your chosen cause. Going to a trafficked area in a t-shirt that supports a charity is an excellent way to spread the word. And the t-shirt is sure to be a way to start conversations and let other know why the charity is important. 

Bling the Thing

A touch of sparkle can go a long way to looking glamorous. And sometimes you get tired of the same t-shirts and jeans. Dare to bring on the bling and embellish a plain custom printed tee in your closet. Choose one with vibrant colors to stand out in a crowd. Or add gold or silver sparkles to a black or white t-shirt to bring it to life.

Over Your Outfit

Whether you paint in private or on the street for everyone to see, most artists wear a smock while they work. Protect your outfit and show off your favorite tee by wearing it as a smock. Soon the t-shirt will be one of your go-to items when you’re ready to show off your arty side.

There are countless ways to wear a custom printed tee. The magic begins with the t-shirt itself. Work with a professional team to design customized t-shirts for your Nashville business, charity, or concept.

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