Spring is an exciting time of year. Everything is growing, the green is coming back and everyone is beginning to ditch the winter coats. Many people love spring and love to get back outside. Winter is confining while spring reinvigorates everyone. It’s a great season to take advantage of new marketing ideas, including a cheap custom t-shirt for your business. As people shed their coats, why not have them promoting your business at the same time?

What to Include in Your Custom Spring T-shirts

You have several factors to consider when making and designing your custom spring t-shirts. Take a look at these aspects as you go through this process.

Make use of pastel or vibrant colors

There is no other season that accepts as wide of a color range as spring does. You can go the pastel route with blues, yellows, greens, and pinks. Light colors are great as the weather warms up as those keep you cooler. Another great option is to use vibrant colors to mark the season. After a dull winter, people are more interested in bringing some colors into their lives and clothing represents a great way to do that. In addition to the actual shirt reflecting the season, you can also play with your font colors. Just make sure that the different colors complement each other. It’s important that your company name, as well as any other important words, leap off the shirt and gain attention.

Make the shirt memorable with images

The shirt itself needs to be interesting and memorable. If it isn’t, no one pays attention to it, let alone remembers the name of the company that displayed prominently on it. A memorable image helps people remember it and associate it with your company.

Think about a logo or company redesign

To go along with the theme of renewal, why not take a look at your existing designs? It may be time to work with a graphic designer. While you’re taking the time to create shirts, you want to produce a high-quality product. Take a look at your fonts and logo that you use on your website and other areas. Are these the best they can be? It may be a good time to revamp your company’s look.

Make the shirt comfortable and fabricated out of light material

The material that you use for your spring t-shirts is important. You want the material to be both comfortable as well as light to go along with the season. The material needs to be pleasing in order for people to wear them. Even if you give away shirts for free, they won’t be worn if they’re uncomfortable.

Have a variety of sizes available

In order to entice more people to wear your spring shirts, make them available in a variety of sizes and include a size chart. This helps people get the right size the first time. You also need to make sure to be responsive when someone has a comment or question. Your dedication to customer service also inspires people to wear your spring shirts.

Use them to show off spring promotions

With the change of seasons, many companies offer a variety of spring promotions. T-shirts are a great way to showcase your different spring promotions. For example, you could give away shirts with certain purchases. You could also use a cheap custom t-shirt to promote or commemorate a spring event. This would include the event date along with your company logo and other specifics.

Spring Events Ripe for T-Shirt Promotions

It’s a great idea to time your spring promotions along with the spring holidays such as Easter, Mother’s Day and Earth Day. These events are great places to use social media to advertise your promotions, t-shirt giveaways and sales. Facebook and Twitter offer great outlets for different contests and promotions. In order to gain attention and get in different holiday spirits, you create a contest such as a jelly bean guessing game or a post about what Mother’s Day means to someone.

Throw an outdoor event

With the warming weather, it’s a good time of year to start planning an outdoor event either for your employees alone or for your employees together with clients. This is a great place to encourage people to wear your spring-inspired t-shirts.

Sponsor a sports team

Not only can you help out a local team, you can also promote your business. If you become a sponsor, you can have your company information proudly displayed on the team’s shirts. This is a great way to get your company name out in your community as well as neighboring communities.

Spring brings much excitement along with it, and it’s a great time to update your marketing strategy with a specialized cheap custom t-shirt.

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