We have witnessed an overwhelming amount of customized screen printed t-shirt orders that are supporting organizations and events anchored in helping spread awareness; awareness regarding cancer, animal rescue, and memorials in honor of those who have passed away. It’s really difficult to know how you will respond in stressful situations, even more so to life events that will change the trajectory of the path you find yourself on. These stories aren’t too far from our grasp; just take a moment to pause and you will find someone close to you is suffering from something. It’s not that we write about this topic lightly; in fact, just the opposite.

One event that spurs to mind is the October, which happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We have seen multiple orders that have requested t-shirts, specifically around events focused on breast cancer. The magnitude of the outreach is significant, and although our hope is that cancer will become radically extinct in the near future, we are certainly willing to do whatever we can in order to print a t-shirt that will help with the cause.

Here are 2 helpful components to ordering t-shirts:

Chose the right t-shirt: For large scale events, such as runs, walks, or charity events, Gildan, preferably G5000, is your safest bet. Not only is the Gildan budget friendly, but it will stand up to the elements of weather and wash. We certainly have clients who prefer something a little more premium; in that regard we suggest Next Level Tri-Blend. These t-shirts are going to be a little more costly than Gildan, but they have more sophisticated and elegant look.

Order ahead of time: Nothing good can come from ordering at the last minute. Save yourself the headache and order ahead of time! There are a few vital pieces of information that we suggest from our clients before they place an order: due date, pick up or shipping, quantity and breakdown of sizes, and artwork files that we can manage. And what I mean by that is not some image that has been recycled from Google, but an image that has been created with a program such as Illustrator or PhotoShop. This is so  we can throughly manipulate it (separate colors) during the screen process.

Let’s bring your customized t-shirts to life! We are always available by phone or via email; we welcome the opportunity to work with you in any way possible.