Color creates a mood, represents a company, and attracts people visually to an item or idea. The effective use of color brands businesses, inspires an emotional reaction, and makes people look just a little bit better. Consider ten colors to use to create the ultimate Nashville custom tees shirts for business or pleasure. 

Bold and Noticeable Red

One of the best ways to attract attention is to wear a red t-shirt. The color red is associated with heat and is the hue of stop signs. Red is bold and noticeable. If you want to grab attention fast, use red as the base color for your custom tees.

Cool and Beautiful Blue

The cool hues of blue are appealing for all types of companies. From sports teams to waterside restaurants, blue creates a mood. Royal blue is idea for athletes while light blue is the color associated with beaches and seaside good times. A blue custom tee is sure to be a favorite item in anyone’s closet.

Classic White

White is a classic color and often one of the most affordable options when you create custom tee shirts. And white can be used as the backdrop for any color combination, logo, or theme. White is often associated with summer but it is still season-spanning. And white matches any type of other clothing people want to wear.

Traditional Black

If you have a light-colored logo, black makes a dramatic backdrop. Black is a more dark and moody choice than other tees, which is why it has become a favorite for rock bands and other music groups. And black is also a universal options that works with any outfit.

Sunny Yellow

Cheer everyone up by choosing yellow custom tees for your next major event. This color is associated with sunshine and happiness. Send out good vibes when you add your special message to a customized yellow t-shirt.

Eye-catching Orange

Another color that stop people in their track is orange. This bright hue can’t be overlooking in a crowd. If you want your business or message to stand out from the rest, make sure to choose an orange shirt. Consult with a pro because certain colors do not look good on this unique color. 

Earthy Green

People spreading messages about earth and natural causes often use the color green. People associate green with trees, grass, and outdoor experiences. And another green is also the favorite hue for St. Patrick’s Day and other Irish events. 

Timeless Brown 

When you don’t want the stark contrast of colors against a black shirt, consider timeless brown as an alternative. And this is another color that brings earthy causes to mind. Plus, it works well for fall custom tee shirts to celebrate autumn events.

Royal Purple

For many generations, royalty was set apart from the rest of the crowd by wearing purple. From lavender to violet, there are countless hues to consider. Purple is ideal to use for custom tees for the church, springtime activities, and certain causes. 

Beige for All Occasions

Much like black, white can be a drastic contrast when paired with bright or deep colors. Beige is a universal choice that is gentle on the eyes. Plus, shades of beige are ideal for old-fashioned themes and to add a touch of elegance to any custom tee. 

When you design custom tee shirts, there is a rainbow of colors to consider. Contact our design team to help you with hues, contrast, and other features to make custom tees that meet or exceed your expectations.

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