Here at TakeHold Printing, there is a unique process as to how we design and create customized t-shirts and apparel for our customers. We walk through every step with the customer, from the initial ordering process until they are fully satisfied with their order. The customer starts with giving their art concept and product desires. We then work out the details, and we send the customer an invoice. After the customer approves the invoice, we will send them a mockup of what their t-shirt will look like. Once the customer approves and is satisfied with what the product will look like, we take it to the shop. We then print the film, get the screens prepared, and then we start printing. Once the shirts are printed and dried, we fold them to perfection. After they are boxed up and ready to go, we can ship, deliver, or let the customer pick up their products. Once the customer picks up their customized apparel, we make sure they are fully satisfied. We save every customers art work and designs, to make reordering simple and quick in the future. We are located in Hendersonville, Tennessee, just right outside of Nashville. We would love to help with your customized screen printing and embroidery needs, today!