September 17, 2012

Keep In Mind When Placing Your Custom T-Shirt Printing Order

When calling for custom t-shirt printing for schools, churches, bands, business or any one else who needs printed tee shirts please keep a few things in mind.

Screen printed t-shirts, long sleeve, tank tops, and hooded sweat shirts all have a few things in common when placing your order with TakeHold Printing.

These things are:

-How many printed t-shirts will you need?

Will you need 50 shirts or 500? Keep in mind that the more you buy the more you save.


-What type of t shirts will you need the print to be on and what color will they need to be?

Is it hot out side or cold? Do you need something really cheap or something nice to print on? You can learn more about Picking The Right Garment For Screen Printing here.


-Will you need the screen print on the front or back of the garment, or both sides?

Would you like the custom design to be on the back and a small logo on the front? Doing this will help people to see what business or school you supporting.


-What does the custom design look like?

How many colors will you design have? The more colors the more it cost to print. Many times 2 or 3 colors can go a long way when trying to save money on your custom silk screen printing order.


-When will you need your screen printed shirts delivered?

When is the event? Do you need them in a week or 30 days? Try to think in advance when ordering so there is enough time to complete your order.


These simple steps can help save you time and help us better price your project.

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