Uniforms don’t have to be uncomfortable and unattractive. Instead, provide your employees with customized company T-shirts to wear at work. Providing customized T-shirts to your employees to wear during their shift has multiple benefits both for your company as well as for the individual employees. Both sides can benefit from this strategy. Here are some reasons to consider providing a cheap custom t-shirt to each of your employees.

More Affordable Than Office Clothes

By providing your employees with, or giving them the opportunity to buy, customized T-shirts, you can help them save a great deal of money. If you accept this casual-wear as work appropriate, your employees won’t have to spend so much money buying other work attire. Dress pants, shirts, ties and shoes can add up to a great deal. Never mind if you have to dry clean them.

Basic Maintenance

T-shirts are much cheaper, and easier to maintain and clean. Your employees will have an affordable option and not be forced to buy as many fancy clothes. This can be especially helpful for either casual Fridays or employees that work in a shop environment.

Promote Consistency

Often times, when comparing dress clothes of one person to the dress clothes of another person, you will be able to tell who has more disposable income to spend on these clothes.

Level the Playing Field

By providing T-shirts, you level the playing field. Envy and division will no longer have a place in your work environment. It won’t matter who has more money and can afford more fancy clothes. Everyone can enjoy the customized T-shirts instead.

Show Departmental Affiliations

You can choose to have certain teams wear certain shirts. You could also offer a options from which employees can choose. By encouraging those on the same team to wear the same shirts, it can help promote pride in the team on which they work. A special T-shirt can also help them even work together better.

Commemorate Events

You could also offer special shirts to commemorate certain events or anniversaries of the company. This offers your employees a variety of shirts to choose from.

Marketing and Branding

By providing your employees with company T-shirts, they can act like walking advertisements for your company.

Everywhere Employees Go

When they go out to lunch or out after work, they will be wearing their company-issued T-shirts. This will help get the name of your company out to more people and show others that your employees take pride in where they work. Not only will this inspire potential customers, but potential employees as well.

Comfort Level

It’s no secret that happy employees are productive employees. Your employees are sure to be happier if they are more comfortable.

Quality Matters

T-shirts are one of the most comfortable things that you can wear. Make sure you get good quality material when you order your custom T-shirts. You want your employees to be comfortable a work in lightweight, cottony goodness.

Designing Your Customized Employee T-shirts

You have several things to consider during the design phase of a customized T-shirt. If you don’t plan things out, the overall product won’t turn out very well.

Graphic Designer

When designing your customized T-shirts, it’s a good idea to work with a graphic designer or marketing company. Graphic designers can help you pick the right types, designs and colors for your shirts. They are highly skilled in knowing what works best and what goes together.

Company Logo

You need to make sure that your company logo is prominently displayed on the shirt. You want people to see it easily as the log serves as your main brand identity to people unfamiliar with your company.

Company Name

Just as with the logo, you need to make sure that your company name is easy to see on your shirts. Don’t use so much stuff on the shirt that the name gets lost. You want people to notice the shirt, but also be able to read the company name at the same time.

Effective Use of Colors 

White shirts can be really boring. Consider choosing another color to help draw attention to the shirt. It is also a good idea to use color in your font and logo. Make sure to pick colors that complement each other. Your graphic designer can help you pick the best colors to put together so it draws the most attention.

Customized T-shirts offer a great marketing opportunity, while also offering a comfortable option for your employees’ attire. If you follow the above guidelines and take care when planning, you can come up with a great shirt or two to provide to your employees.

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