A family reunion is the ultimate opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones. People come from around the country and the globe to spend time with their kin. And these reunions often happens only a couple of times in a lifetime. Celebrate the occasion by creating fun t-shirts for everyone to wear. And it’s an easy way to find and recognize each other after the years go by! Consider some top slogans for your Nashville family reunion t-shirts

Proud to Be Part of the “Blank” Family

Sometimes the most compelling slogans are the simplest ones. Be proud of your surname and the other people who carry it in their lives. Create a t-shirt that expresses your pride in your name, heritage, and all your loves ones who also use that name. And people with the same last name are sure to start a conversation when they see your shirt. You might even find a long lost relative!

Getting Back to Our Roots

Family is part of our roots and history. There are indisputable similarities that occur as the generations continue. Being together reminds people of how much they look alike and have the same habits. When you delve back into time and family, show it on the family reunion t-shirts. Add the slogan, “Getting Back to Our Roots,” after the family name and before the date of the reunion.

I’m With “Blank”

Do you want to be short and sweet for the next family gathering? Over the years, people have worn a variety of whimsical, “I’m With” tees. A family reunion is the ideal opportunity to slide into a shirt that states you’re with others with the same surname. Plus, it’s another perfect way to ensure people find the reunion at large venues such as public parks or beaches.

Going to the “Blank” Family Reunion for “X” Years

Some family members are older than others. And they might be old enough to inspire awe and admiration in the younger generations. Or you could forget the age of everyone in the family after years of being apart. Show off your age with a t-shirt that states how much years you’ve been going to the reunion – which would be the same as your actual age. 

Here Comes the “Blank” Family

Nothing feels better than knowing you are part of the same family. It’s a bond like no other when relatives get together. And strangers often notice the togetherness when you are all in the same place or room. Show it off with family reunion t-shirts that state you are coming from one surname. When you walk or dance at the same time, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

Heritage and Fun in the Sun

Many families decide to search for their genealogy and get the facts about where they come from. One of the best ways to share this information is at a family picnic. It is an affordable and enjoyable way to reconnect and learn. Create family reunion t-shirts that state the facts – it’s all about heritage and having fun in the sun. Good times, photos, and a history reports for everyone is a wonderful way to show how much you love being part of a family.

Planning a family reunion means paying attention to detail to ensure everyone is happy. Create joy and memorialize memories with a family reunion t-shirts that include a fantastic slogan. Add a cartoon or image that personifies your tribe. And work with a team of pros who can help you design a t-shirt everyone wants to wear for years to come.

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