From a crazy night on the town to a more laid back spa day there are almost limitless options to planning the ultimate bachelorette party. Creating custom shirts can add to the fun and give everyone a souvenir to remember the day. If you are looking for awesome ideas for the ultimate Nashville bachelorette party with custom designed t-shirts, here are some suggestions to consider.

Create a Vibe

Matching shirts create a sense of camaraderie and will get everyone excited about the party. Choose a theme or activity to center the bachelorette party around and make sure your custom shirts follow this theme. Bachelorette party t-shirts are known for fun phrases and puns. Find inspiration for your very own bachelorette party shirts with this list of phrases or get creative and come up with your own unique phrase.

Design a Fun Shirt

If a member of the bridal party has design skills and access to Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator she can create a custom design to have printed on the tees. If you need design help or suggestions our team is ready to lend a hand. Our streamlined process makes it quick and simple to create custom shirts to commemorate your event.

Find the Right Activity

A bachelorette party is an opportunity for a bride and her nearest and dearest to spend time together and enjoy one another’s company before the big day. Planning the party around a fun activity will ensure everyone enjoys the party and creates lasting memories. Here are a few ideas for the ultimate bachelorette party.

Get Outdoors

From hiking to glamping or even zip lining there are a lot of outdoor activities your group can enjoy. When hiking plan out the route and make sure everyone in your group is able to participate and enjoy the experience. Glamping can be relaxing and is a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while also enjoying comfortable amenities.

For an outdoor adventure create shirts that reflect the nature theme and maybe even the trail your group will hike or other activities you plan to enjoy.

Wine Tasting

Most wineries are open to tastings, and often nearby wineries work together and create a wine trail or an itinerary visitors can use. If you have wine lovers in your group and a nearby grape region check out your options. You can look into renting a limo to safely travel from one winery to the next, or see if there are any organized tours complete with transportation.

Design custom tees centered on wine or your specific tour. You can even include a checklist of the wineries you plan to visit. Bring a marker and check off the locations as you work your way through the tour.

Spa Day

Get everyone together for a day of relaxation and rest. The closer to the big day the better when it comes to pre-wedding pampering. From massages and facials to manis and pedis a day at the spa can help relieve some of the inevitable stress that comes with planning a wedding. A trip to the spa can also be a precursor to an evening of cocktails or a laid back dinner.

Matching spa day-themed shirts will help set the tone of a restful and relaxing time. Choose soothing colors and laid back messages to reflect on the vibe of the spa.

Wellness Retreat

Hotels sometimes offer packages for wellness retreats that can accommodate groups. From yoga sessions to lavish spa treatments, gourmet meals and more your group can enjoy a full day or weekend of activities to relax and bond. If a wellness retreat is the plan create a custom tee your group can wear while practicing yoga or enjoying some pampering.

Get Competitive

Sign everyone up for a 5K or a fun race, like The Color Run or Warrior Dash. For more ambitious groups consider a longer race, or maybe even a triathlon. Give everyone plenty of notice, so they can train and be prepared leading up to race day.

Design shirts that unify your group as a team and let everyone know you are in it together. Team shirts will bring your group closer together and help your group bond over your shared athletic endeavor.

Plan the Best Bachelorette Party

Every group is different and whatever you decide to do should be something everyone can participate in and enjoy. From laid back weekends centered on relaxation to high-energy endeavors focused on athletic accomplishments the ultimate bachelorette party can take many different forms. Custom t-shirts can be designed just for your party and will create a sense of unity and help you group bond. Unique tees are also a fun souvenir that will remind everyone of the great time everyone had together.

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