Back to school is in full swing right now. All of the kids are heading back to school this fall, you are getting back to your schedule at work, and summer vacation is coming to a close. With that, you are probably running around making sure that you get your kids all of the essentials that they need for school this year.

That means, you are going to be heading to the store with a massive list of items that probably include

– Notepads

– Paper

– Books

– Pens

– Pencils

– Folders

– Dividers


And tons of other supplies that your children are going to need for the coming year. With that, you are probably going also to be taking advantage of all of the massive clothing sales that are going on for the back to school frenzy. Getting your kids some fresh new clothes and gear for the fall. If you are going back to school shopping for clothes, what better way to get your kids started, than with some customized t-shirts. Consider some unique and cheap t-shirt designs to get your kids excited about going back to school.

Variety and Options

At Takehold Printing, we offer tons of variety and different customization options that you can use to make the perfect t-shirts for your kids for back to school. For boys and girls, whether you have kids in grade school, junior high, or high school, you can create the perfect shirt for your kids.

We offer plenty of varieties of high-quality shirts, in different styles and sizes that you can use to get your kids outfitted and ready to go for school. You can also order batches of shirts in any size.

Designs and Templates

On our site, we give you total customization for whatever you want to create. If you prefer to make your designs outside of our website or in another program, you have the freedom to do that. Our onsite software gives you the ability to upload any design that you have made, directly onto the shirts and the apparel that you want to print. That way, you can make sure that you have the perfect design for your t-shirts and apparel.

Don’t have a custom design that you want to use on your shirt? That’s great too because we have a massive variety of premade templates and designs that you can use to make the perfect back to school shirts for your kids. You can choose from hundreds of different design templates that are perfect for

– Your kid’s athletics programs and the sports they participate in

– Businesses

– First responders

– College

– Fundraising  opportunities and events

– The holidays

– Extracurricular activities that your kids participate in after school and on the weekends

So if you have kids who are newly minted college freshmen, you can make them their custom design for their school. Have kids who are involved in sports teams or extracurricular activities? You have thousands of great combinations of logos and fonts that you can use to create their custom t-shirts for them to wear.

Creating with Your Kids

Whether you have a design background or not, our software makes it simple and easy to create your custom designs out of our templates. Or, if you have a design background of your own, you are completely open to uploading custom designs of your own.

One thing that we love and pride in our services, especially in the back to school season, is supporting the collaboration of parents and their kids.

Do your kids have something that they would love to put on a shirt?

Is there some t-shirt or design project that you guys have worked on together or would want to work on together?

If that sounds like a lot of fun to you, this would be the perfect opportunity to sit down with your children and create something fun together. Think of the fun activities that your children like to do.

– Enjoy playing music and playing an instrument

– Are involved in an extracurricular club or activity

– Enjoy a particular subject

– Want to make a fun shirt for the sport or sports that they play

The options that you have with creating the perfect, custom t-shirts on our platform are virtually limitless. And your child will love his or her special back-to-school outfit.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in designing and printing custom shirts for your kids for the back to school season, it is incredibly easy to get started. You don’t even have to order a massive batch of shirts for us to print your order. In fact, you can print batches in as small as 12-24 shirts, or as large as up to a thousand.

All you need to do to get started with designing your custom t-shirts for the back to school season is to get motivated to create a t-shirt that makes your child smile. Let’s get the school season started right!

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