The word brand is an all-encompassing term that essentially is the same as a Nashville business’s reputation. A business can control their brand to a large degree and set the tone and establish expectations. Learn how to use custom tees to brand your business in 2018.

The Center of Your Brand

A logo is the most basic element of a brand, and it serves as a visual reminder of a brand. Your logo should appear on your website, packaging and all printed materials. Customers should be able to identify a brand based on the logo. To establish brand recognition, you need to get your logo in front of customers and even potential customers to raise awareness.

Be Consistent

A brand is an image you want your business to portray. Be consistent with this image in everything you do with your brand. From marketing materials to the way staff answers the phones to the tone of social media posts everything comes back to the brand. Consistency and repetition, especially when dealing with a new company, make a brand memorable.

Create a Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is simply a plan that outlines who you want to reach and how you will go about achieving that goal. An effective branding strategy requires careful thought. Identify your target audience and figure out a way to reach them. Using custom tees can be an effective way to brand your Nashville business through increasing awareness and recognition.

Put Your Brand Out There

For people to see and recognize your brand you need to create exposure. Custom printed tees provide plenty of visibility for a brand and are highly efficient promotional products. On average people keep a branded tee shirt for six months. During that time your branded shirt will help build a rapport with your brand and your customers.

Versatility of Tees

Tee shirts make great marketing tools because they are useful. Everyone has a use for tees whether they are worn as gym apparel or while running errands or just going about a regular day. For a custom product to effectively promote your brand, it needs to be something your demographic wants and will use. Different promotional products appeal to different demographics, but tees are effective across all age groups.

Effective Promotional Products

The benefits of custom branded products are twofold. As customers wear a shirt emblazoned with your logo and branding information, they will be reminded of your brand. Simply seeing your logo and branding will cause customers to think about your brand and over time they will become more familiar with your brand.

Branded tees work like signs, and as your customers wear a custom tee shirt that bears your information, they will spread your message to others. People who cross paths with your customers will either be made aware of or reminded of your brand. Branded tees turn your customers into ambassadors of your brand and will expand the reach of your marketing message.

Design Tees to Showcase Your Brand

Create custom artwork to have printed on shirts to help spread your branding message. The artwork should include your logo and other key information. Use colors consistent with your website and other marketing components. Consider including a website or social media handles, so people can learn more if they are interested. The design should be eye-catching and generate interest while still being relevant and informative.

Project Ideas and Design Help

Artwork should be sized 13” x 13” and saved as an .ai, png or jpeg file. Reach out with questions about sending in artwork, or let us know if you need help creating or editing files. Our design team can help fine-tune your ideas or create artwork from scratch.

Distribute Custom Tees

Custom branded tees can be sold in your brick and mortar store or through your website. Faithful and loyal customers will likely purchase custom tees to show their support, especially if the design is compelling and unique.

Tees make great takeaways at Nashville trade shows or other types of industry events. People like free stuff, so if you plan to give your shirts away for free make sure to stock up and have plenty available. Promote the giveaway via social media ahead of time to generate interest. Giving shirts away at an event means you will get your shirts into the hands of people who may not be existing customers. This is a great way to spread the reach of your branding message.

Brand Your Business

Custom tees are successful promotional products that increase a brand’s awareness and recognition. Creating a custom designed tee shirt that bears your logo and branding information will build your brand. Make 2018 the year your Nashville brand breaks through and gets noticed by creating custom tees.

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