When building your marketing strategy, it’s important to look at different areas and use those that make sense for your business. A great way to get your company name out into the world is to create cheap custom t-shirts for your customers, clients and employees. There are many directions that you can go in when creating these t-shirts. One of them is to include a memorable phrase that people will associate with your business. You can use an already established catchphrase, but you can also create one of your own. No matter which direction you go in, it’s important for your phrase to attract attention and be memorable. Find out how to use catchphrases on cheap custom t-shirt to promote your business.

How to Create a Memorable Catchphrase 

Catchphrases are just like they sound. You remember them long after you see them.

Use words that are interesting, but not long

Catchphrases are immediately distinctive or unusual. Use words that are not as common to ordinary speech. This doesn’t mean that you should use longer words necessarily, just ones that aren’t used as often.

Use common syntax

Simpler syntax is usually catchier. Use simple sentence structure and word order to make for a more memorable quote.

Keep it short

In order to be memorable, your phrase needs to be short. If it isn’t, it’s not a catchphrase.

Use few personal pronouns

You want your catchphrase to appeal to the most people possible. Don’t limit it by using “him/her” or “me.” Phrases are more memorable if you use fewer personal pronouns.

Use present tense

Use present tense in your catchphrase. If you use past tense, it limits the quote. It makes people think that the quote refers to something specific instead of being applicable to multiple things. Think of Nike’s “Just do it.”

Use front sounds

According to a Cornell study, good quotes use certain parts of the mouth. They use much more labial and front vowel sounds. Labial sounds include m, f, p, b and v.

The phrase should work well on its own

One of the most important things in a catchphrase is that it works well on its own. It doesn’t need any additional context for someone to know exactly what it means.

You can use an already established catchphrase

If you use a catchphrase that people already know, this will make it easy to gain the attention of others. People will know immediately what you mean and what you’re referring to the catchphrase. It will also help your company stick in their minds. Consider “Got milk?” or similar questions.

I have my phrase, now what about the shirt?

Coming up with a catchy slogan is just half the fun. The rest happens when you design a cheap custom T-shirt.

Make sure that your catchphrase is appropriate

Your phase needs to be applicable to your business. If you pick something that has nothing to do with your business, it leaves people more confused than intrigued.

Avoid material that is offensive

You don’t want your cheap custom t-shirt to offend potential customers. Just because a catchphrase has adult language in it, that doesn’t mean you need to write it off altogether. Instead, use symbols to replace certain words. If you’re using a popular catchphrase, people will still recognize it and you can still use it if you think it’s appropriate for your business.

Choose colors wisely

The colors you choose for your shirt’s overall look and the lettering needs to be eye-catching without clashing. Use contrasting colors to really make font pop, but make sure these colors still complement each other.

Make your logo and company name easy to see

Using a catchphrase to attract attention is all for not if people can’t see or don’t remember the name of your company after viewing the T-shirt. Your logo and/or company name should work around your catchphrase. People need to easily remember the design so they can look up your company later.

Optimize your website

If your website doesn’t work well or isn’t mobile-friendly, much of your work will be for nothing. The majority of people will look up your company on a mobile device after seeing your custom shirts. If your website is hard to read or a mess, customers will not investigate further. No matter how interesting your custom T-shirts look, if someone can’t navigate your website easily you won’t gain new customers through that portal. Make sure that the content on your website is error-free. Issues with spelling and grammar turn people off easily. Take pride in your website as it’s an important part of gaining customers and your company’s overall image.

Custom T-shirts are a great way to market your company out in the everyday world. If you provide people with high-quality and attractive cheap custom t-shirts, they wear them more often and you reap more benefits from this marketing strategy.

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