Have you been searching the Nashville area for a local screen printer who specializes in custom screen printed VBS shirts? With summer in full swing, one commonality that I have noticed is the enormity of VBS going on around us! We would love to help you create your custom VBS shirts- ones that will reflect your VBS theme.

I have such vivid memories of growing up and being taken to VBS for that one week out of the summer. It typically began with singing and dancing which led to snacks and hanging out with your friends, and ending with a variety of arts and crafts. The other aspect of VBS that I loved was being able to wear the custom t-shirts that had been printed for that particular week and theme. It was a way to really showcase what the church was trying to emphasize. Over the past few years we have worked with several large organizations who host VBS, and we help them create a one of a kind custom screen printed t-shirt. Some have been extremely elaborate, while others have been very simply in their design. Regardless, we dedicate a generous amount of time with each client to ensure they have the best quality shirt and design for their budget.

Here are three reasons how custom screen printed VBS shirts can be useful:

  1. They send a message: Shirts can send a message loud and clear to children, other workers, parents, and anyone who can see the shirt. They allow your audience to grasp the message that you are trying to convey for that one week!
  2. They can be used to show authority: While this may seem silly, one important aspect of any event with children is their safety. Why not create multiple shirts or a variation of a shirt to separate the children from leaders?
  3. T-shirts are inexpensive: Don’t let the “custom” fool you into thinking they are too expensive for your budget. Think of it in these terms: the more detailed the artwork (meaning more colors) the more expensive printing becomes. Thus, something simple, one to two colors, means that you are saving more money than you think!

Have questions or need direction with printing custom t-shirts for VBS or any event going on this summer? Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@takeholdprinting.com so that we can walk through the steps and get your quote started today! Make this VBS one that is exceptionally memorable!