So, I was standing in my kitchen this morning eating on the go, per my normal routine, when I looked over and noticed a lunch box hanging on the door handle. In the center it stated, “Promotional Products Work!” Although I could not decipher the company’s name, I know first hand that the message is spot on.

Yes, it’s true, a lunch box is a great promotional tool, but an even better way to display a promotional message is a t-shirt! I don’t know about you all in the cyber world, but I happen to love a free t-shirt.


  1. T-shirts allow you to promote before the event occurs: Why not print 50 shirts and have them sent out or worn before your event occurs? This is a great way for conversation to begin about your event, organization, or outreach program you are trying to promote! The beautiful element to a t-shirt is that there are no limitations, they are fairly inexpensive to print and sell, and they can be recycled if the event is reoccurring.
  2. T-shirts are not just a promotional avenue but they send a message: Lets face it, we have all seen some really incredible t-shirts, such as to Write Love on Her Arms, but we have also seen some sloppy work done, too. Nevertheless, each shirt displays a message to a particular audience.. For example, at the beginning of 2013 I attended  the Passion Conference in Atlanta with 20 or so high schoolers- it was an exceptional experience to say the least! Days were filled with passionate speakers, incredibly charismatic worship, and one unifying message spoken over and over again- END IT MOVEMENT. Want to know how they promoted this message that I have seen countless times hundreds of miles away? A bright red X marked on  t-shirts, hats, and whatever other materials they could print on. Want to know why? Because of the message its transmitting to my brain without any spoken words. Regardless of your views on church, slavery, or politics we all know that t-shirts are just one of many mediums for our messages to be displayed to the world!
  3. T-Shirts are a customized piece: Want 4 letters? Done! Want a big bright X? Done! Want a picture of some really bad beach photos where your kids are screaming and some random guy is photo bombing it? Done! T-shirts are an excellent place to let the creativity flow because the designs and opportunities are endless! Also, t-shirts are extremely versatile, meaning they look great on young, older, men, women, or even children.


So there you have it, three reasons why t-shirts are versatile and a great way to promote any event or message! Let us help you craft your vision into a reality- one that you can express to the world!