Custom tees are a favorite giveaway at retail stores, restaurants, and theme parks. People often pay for well-designed shirts commemorating a vacation or unique experience. However, sometimes these t-shirts don’t fit properly (especially when they are a souvenir from someone else), but you still like what the shirt says. Or the shirt could become a wardrobe favorite and start to get worn out. Consider some fresh ways to use a Nashville promotional t-shirt besides wearing it.

Unique Wall Art

Nothing creates a better memory that wall art representing your favorite band or eatery. In fact, some people never wear these tees at all. They instantly decide they would instead create a wall hanging to display in a bedroom, living room, or den. A t-shirt can be wrapped around a piece of solid cardboard then placed into a frame with glass to protect it. Another option is to attach the shirt to a piece of canvas. Either way, it’s sure to become a focal point in your house.

A Comfortable Pillow

Another way to incorporate a favorite promo t-shirt into your home décor is to turn it into a comfy pillow. Polyester filling is available at any local craft store for just a few dollars. Sometimes it is also sold at discount and dollar stores. Stuff the shirt with filling then sew the seams together. The shirt might need to be cut or modified to create an eye-catching pillow. While you can rest your head on it after a long day, you’ll probably want to make it a decorative part of your sofa or bed.

Create a Quilt

Quilting is a favorite hobby in Tennessee. For generations, people created quilts to reflect their families and lives. Imagine saving your favorite tees and turning them into a quilt. Collect promotional t-shirts from bars, musicians, local organizations, and more. All of them should have a significance in your life. Then sew them together to create a quilt that showcases all the places you’ve visited and the things you like most. Try to put together the colors in an appealing way. If you can, gather t-shirts in a rainbow of colors from various places. A colorful quilt with plenty to stay is another fun addition to your house.


Some people use placemats to keep the table clean. Others put them on the table to make it look attractive. You can use a promotional t-shirt either way. Cut out a rectangular piece that includes the slogan or image on the t-shirt. Hem the edges to avoid shredding on the table. Put one out at each seat and remove them if you don’t want them to get soiled. But remember, even if there’s a spill, t-shirt placemats are washable! And consider another table-friendly idea. Turn old tees into napkins. Just cut them into squares and sew around the edges. 

Tote Bags

Everyone needs more tote bags, especially now that the country has become increasingly conscious of protecting the environment. Use custom tees to create tote bags to use for schoolbooks, shopping, and a day at the park or pool. If you want to be fashion-forward, transform an old tee into a fun-loving and functional handbag. Who says everyone can’t become a designer?!

Do you want to create a Nashville promotional t-shirt to showcase your business, organization or project? We can help you design a t-shirt that is worthy of wearing or turning into an item people can’t wait to use and display. Best of all, this becomes an ongoing billboard to advertise your company. Every person who sees it become a potential customer.

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