Humorous T-shirts seem to be on the rise lately. At TakeHold Printing, we offer excellent screen printing services in the Nashville area. You can bring your design to us and we will print it on a T-shirt for you. 

Break the Ice

A T-shirt with a funny saying is a great way to break the ice if you are out and about. First dates, parties, meeting new friends, etc are all places to get a conversation started. A lot of times, your clothing is what people notice first. Something humorous can really get the conversation going. 

What are Some Funny Sayings?

In recent years, you have been able to really see slogans printed on T-shirts that make people laugh out loud. Have you ever been walking in the grocery store and someone’s shirt make you stop and laugh? It can really bring joy. 

Here are some ideas of what has become popular for a funny T-shirt:

  • Anything with the word ‘fitness’: “Yes, I’m into fitness…. Fitness whole pizza in my mouth” is a popular one.
  • “Did I roll my eyes out loud?” 
  • Acronyms make funny T-shirts, the acronym for O.C.D. seems to generate a lot of comical shirts.
  • Toddlers love the ones that have a character on the inside. “Have you seen my T-Rex?” is printed on the front and then a little T-Rex is on the inside. So, when the shirt is raised over the head, it looks like a little dinosaur. Other characters have been included as well. 
  • “I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry”.
  • And so many more…

You can even come up with your own sayings that maybe you say a lot and have it added to a T-shirt. Your friends and family will love that you can do that. 

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

This is not only a slogan for as long as I remember, it can also be a way of life! Everyone wants to be happy and live their best life. Why not enjoy the time we have instead of worrying so much? Have your best designs screen printed to a T-shirt and give others the enjoyment of laughing at a funny saying. 

Speaking of giving, have you ever given a gift to someone and they loved it so much they couldn’t stop laughing? You can do that with a funny T-shirt, too. They will always remember who made them laugh so much at their gift every time they put the shirt on. 

About Screen Printing

You can have your custom design printed on a T-shirt with little time at all. The tools used are a mesh screen,a special fabric ink, squeegee, and your customized design. There are also designs you can choose from as well as an array of fabrics you can use. 

Let Us Print Your Shirt Today!

Whether you’re looking for a shirt for yourself or a gift, the team at TakeHold Printing can print for you. Call us today and we will walk you through the details of making your custom designed shirt. We are looking forward to helping you.