Custom printed tees get the word out about your university. When people wear your school custom tee shirts your branding and messaging will become more familiar to your students and faculty. Furthermore, when members of your community wear shirts emblazoned with your university colors and logo, they will get your branding info in front of a broad audience. This will increase the awareness and recognition of your university and build loyalty.

Transform Students and Alumni Into Ambassadors 

Encouraging students and alumni to wear school custom tees is easy. Most current and past students feel school spirit, pride and a sense of loyalty towards their alma mater, so they want to promote their university. When alumni and students wear your tees everyone they encounter will see the shirt and either learn about or be reminded of your university.

Reinforce Your Message and Expand Your Reach

When people own branded tee shirts they became more familiar and acquainted with the printed message the more they see and wear the shirt. Custom printed shirts also function as signs. When people wear them, they are putting your message on display. A custom printed tee shirt will reach the person who owns the shirt, but it will also reach everyone that person encounters while wearing the shirt.

Custom Printed Tee Shirts are Practical

Tee shirts are useful which contributes to their popularity. They are a wardrobe staple that fit right in whether the wearer is heading to class, the gym, running errands or taking on chores. Tee shirts are a standard part of just about everyone’s wardrobe. They are universally appealing and useful.

Tee Shirts Offer Longevity

It comes down to how the owner cares for their shirt, but a tee shirt will last for several months. In some instances, a shirt can last for years. In this time printed shirts will work as a constant reminder of your university and will promote your message.

Effective Promotional Products Deliver Value

The more useful custom printed gear is, the more members of your university community will wear it. The more people wear your branded tee shirt, the more exposure they will give your university. A single tee shirt can generate over 2,000 impressions. That means when a student, alumni or faculty member wears your tee shirt they are getting the message about your university in front of 2,000 sets of eyes. This is a substantial reach.

Shirts are also a cost effective way to increase the awareness and recognition of your university brand. The cost per unit is very reasonable, and the higher the quantity you order, the more the price per shirt goes down. When you evaluate the effectiveness at establishing school spirit and the cost, tee shirts deliver an excellent return on your investment.

Create a Sense of Community

As people see classmates and other members of the university community wear custom shirts that will inspire them to do the same. This will help foster a sense of community and loyalty. It will also encourage other community members to pick up shirts of their own that they can wear to show school pride.

Commemorate an Event or Milestone

Custom tees are an excellent way to celebrate, unit or excite people about your university. Whether commemorating a milestone, athletic accomplishment, specific clubs or departments or just trying to get the name and info out into the public, school custom tees can help you achieve these goals.

Distribute Custom Shirts to the Campus Community

There are lots of ways you can get your custom school tee shirts to your university members. Shirts can be sold in the bookstore. Shirts can be created for teams, clubs and other organizations and given to members. You can create custom shirts for campus-wide events like midnight madness or a volunteer day and give shirts to participants. Shirts are typically popular with students, especially when they are handed out for free. The sooner you can get custom printed shirts to your students and community members the sooner they can put these shirts to work building loyalty.

Create Completely Custom Tee Shirts

Your team can send in unique artwork to mark an occasion or go with a classic look. Whatever you want to print on a tee shirt we can make happen. Our team is available to give direction and helpful tips when setting up a file. If you need help creating a design we can even send you project ideas and take care of file revisions. We match to Pantone colors, so if you let us know the PMS values of your school’s colors we can match them.

Increase University Loyalty with Custom Printed Tee Shirts

School custom tees will increase spirit and loyalty for your university while also expanding your school’s reach and brand awareness. Custom tee shirts make excellent promotional products that are cost effective and sought after.

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