Here, at TakeHold Printing, it is our goal to provide excellent screen printing T-shirts that you will love. We are proud to serve the Nashville area and surrounding towns. You can send us your custom designs or we can help you create one that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Why Wear a Holiday T-Shirt?

Designing your own holiday shirts are not really a new concept. There is lots of fun to be had at your holiday parties, though. There are so many designs and ideas you can come up with for a new holiday shirt design.

You can really make a statement at your holiday parties! Some can even be a real icebreaker. Do you have a funny quote from a holiday Christmas movie you love? Add it to your shirt design and have fun with it for the upcoming holiday season. 

How Do You Choose a Holiday Design?

When choosing new holiday designs for your T-shirts, you want to think about color and design. You also want to decide on what you are trying to say. Are you trying to make a statement or just have some fun with your design? Only you can answer that.

Another idea is to have matching shirts. You can choose a design for a company or if you are doing a family vacation together. You can either decide on an identical design or even just something similar. 

Popular Holiday Designs

Some of the most popular holiday designs come from movies for the season. What are some of your favorite movies? Think about some of those movies and their popular sayings that come from that movie and you can put that into your holiday design.

Some other popular designs, especially here in the south, is a monogram! Nothing makes the ladies happier than having their monogram inside a Christmas ornament or on an ornament held by The Grinch hand. If The Grinch isn’t your thing, you can come up with some other ideas as well. 

Are You Going to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party?

This is a popular party during the holiday season. Many people choose just an old Christmas sweater from a store. They will also add maybe some bling like lights to the shirt to make it festive and over-the-top.

You can choose and design your own! Find a design you love and have it printed right onto a shirt. This way you can choose a style of shirt you love without the old-timey sweater design.

Keep It Simple With Word Art

Another popular holiday shirt design is using word art. We all know a picture can say a lot. With this idea, you can choose the let the word BE the design. 

You can choose a design you have hand drawn. Make sure you choose fonts that work well together. If you’d like, we can work with you and come up with an idea. 

Gift-Giving With Custom Tees

Custom designs make excellent gifts for the holidays. You can put a funny quote or say for just about everyone on your shopping list. This is one way to get something for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list.

Give Us a Call Today!

When you are ready to start working on your holiday T-shirts, give the team at TakeHold Printing. We are prepared to offer custom screen printing for our neighbors in the Nashville area. It is our pleasure to serve you. We are happy to print your design or help you come up with one. Let’s get started right away. We are looking forward to speaking with you. 

You have probably noticed the ever-growing trend of custom made t-shirts. They have become popular at family reunions or even for larger families as a way to easily count their kids. Have you ever thought about custom shirts for your company?

TakeHold Printing wants to help set your company apart with our custom made shirts.

Do I Have to Hire Someone To Design Them?

We feel that you will find our design process easy to maneuver. You can choose either a blank canvas to work from or customize something from our 100’s of premade templates. In no time at all, you can have a custom shirt boasting your company’s logo.

You can upload your own images and logos, change fonts on premade templates, and even change the colors of our premade images. You can also customize the color of your shirt as well as choose from a few different t-shirt styles. We also help with your design, adding clip art and text to create a basic design, free of charge.

Set Your Company Apart with a T-Shirt

At first thought, you might be wondering how a simple t-shirt will set your company apart. But, there is a reason that custom made t-shirts have become trendy. Here are some ways we feel would be away a shirt can set you apart:

  1. New Hires: You can give them out to new hires so they immediately feel like they are part of something and have belonging
  2. Walking Advertisement: You can have your employees wear custom shirts to your next company picnic. Not only will it set your employees apart and show them as part of one group, but they will become a walking advertisement for your company
  3. Team Unity: Create a team environment because everyone knows who their people are
  4. Your company is community oriented: You can have us make custom t-shirts for your next company volunteer event. This will show the community that your company cares and is out donating its time
  5. Office wear: Take away the hassle of picking out clothes for work. You can create custom shirts for employees to wear in the office. They will thank you for the extra 5 minutes they get to spend sleeping instead of sorting through their closet. They will also appreciate the comfy shirt instead of a stiff collared shirt.
  6. Casual Friday/Office incentives: Create t-shirts for casual Friday wear and then give them out as incentives. Your employees will be further motivated if they not only get to have a casual day, but they will get to show off that they met the incentive by wearing the t-shirts. This is also another great way to create a sense of worth and belonging in your employees
  7. Company uniforms: If your company is a taco truck set up in the food truck capital of the city, you can create affordable and comfortable uniforms with our custom made t-shirts
  8. Different shirts for different events: With the endless design options, you can create a different shirt for each event you are promoting. Employees can keep these like trophies to compare with other employees.

Free Advertisement

Picture your employees all boasting that sweet shirt you designed at the company event at your local amusement park. They will be wearing your logo, showing off your brand to hundreds of people. Further, your employees will often wear these company shirts as   to the gym where even more eyes will be on your brand.

Start Designing Your Shirts Today

You can get started right now designing your company t-shirts. You create the look you want and then let TakeHold Printing make your look a reality. We have a quick turn around time and free shipping so you can get to work setting your company apart.

Imagine your sisters all decked out in the same shirts, shouting to the world your sorority. People can’t help but notice your group and what they are doing. Here at TakeHold Printing, we want to be a part of that.

What Is a Custom Shirt?

Custom shirts are kind of all the rave right now. Teams love them because they make them feel important and that they are part of something. It gives them a sense of belonging.

They also make a great souvenir from your bake off or volunteer efforts. You can pick any color to make your group stand out and either create your image from scratch or work with one of our 100’s of already made templates. You can upload images and add your own special touches to make that shirt truly custom.

How Does a T-Shirt Create Unity?

You are already part of a sorority because your crave to be a part of a community. It is a natural human desire to feel like you belong somewhere and a sorority does just that. You go everywhere with your sisters and participate in activities designed to bring you closer together. 

Now close your eyes and picture all of your girls decked out in the same color, showing off something you guys specially designed. You are not only showing each other that you are part of one unit, you are showing the world that you are all part of something. You belong together.

Wear Your Shirts to Your Next Bonfire

You can custom make your shirts in neon pink to really set yourselves apart in the dark. You guys are hanging out on the beach, fire roaring and the smell of toasted marshmallows enticing onlookers. People are starting to wonder who you are.

Then they notice your bright pink shirts with that awesome logo you custom designed. Your custom shirts will tell everyone who your people are. What’s more, they are a walking advertisement for your sorority.

Create Custom Shirts for Your Next Social Sorority Event

Take your next social event over the edge with different custom shirts for each sorority. This would be a great sisterhood building event, to create unity as you work together to achieve the same goal. Each sorority can be wearing their own custom shirts while you are out volunteering and helping your community out.

Not only will everyone in the community get to see who is out helping the neighbors out, but you guys can easily spot each other in your custom shirts. You can let everyone know that your sorority cares about your community. You not only are a part of your tribe, but you are a part of your community too.

Take Over a Zumba Class

Now picture your sisters in those same bright pink shirts taking up half the group fitness room, showing off your sweet dance moves while rockin your custom made shirts. The entire class will want to know who you are. Who are all those girls decked out in pink having a blast while getting their sweat on to Pitbull?

When you look up into those mirrors, you can easily spot each other and have a laugh over your salsa skills. You can create also create custom shirts with funny taglines specifically for Zumba or other events you attend. We can guarantee you will create quite the scene at the next Zumba class, showing everyone what fun really is.

What Are You Waiting For? Order Your Shirts Today!

We don’t see any reason not to have custom shirts made for your sorority sisters. Let TakeHold Printing get you set up with your custom shirts. With our fast and free shipping, you can be wearing them in no time at all!