Clothes and anything we put on ourselves are a cultural expression of who we are and what we stand for. They help us stand out of the crowd and signify our individuality.
Increasingly, designs, whether they are on clothes or on other things, are losing their power.
With countless brands as well as counterfeits and slowed down innovations in the fashion and design industry, how does one have something that is remarkably unique yet tremendously personalized?
We have just the solution for you!
Customized Merchandise
We use your aspirations, style, and personality and weave them into customized merchandise for you.
Your customized t-shirts, hoodies, hats, blankets, among other merchandise will be an expression of who you are and make a lasting impression on others.
Uniformity In Customization
While customization is specific to each individual, our customization allows different people to come together.
Whether you run a school or manage a sports team, we design customized merchandise that lets your school students and players bond through unique artwork and designs.
What We Stand For
We believe in creating customized merchandise that is powerful enough to stir strong emotions.
Over the summer break, as students explore their unique selves, they can put on customized school hoodies and t-shirts and remember who they are: a student, a friend, and a dreamer, who shares an unbreakable bond with his friends and school.
Redefining Fun
Customized merchandise reflects inclusivity. Whether you are a kid, or an adult, customized apparel and accessories can be the wisest and most ideal fit for you.
Whether you are playing a sport with your graduate colleagues or writing a dissertation paper with them, a customized tee with quirky and fun motivational quotes can be all you need to get through the day with style and a lot of fun.

Customized merchandise rocks! Literally! And why wouldn’t it when it is a big hit amongst different musical bands?
From letting kids reminiscence good old Summer days to adults and bands rocking their adult life in style, our creative and customized merchandize enables everyone to look and feel great.

The advancements and innovations in today’s world have paved the way for new ventures and small businesses.
Boutiques and clothing companies are setting up shop in Nashville, TN, each day.
If you are looking to start up your apparel brand in this highly competitive market, custom screen printing is your ticket to standing out from the crowd and gaining a competitive advantage!
Entering The Market
Apparel brands introducing new clothing lines have to face several challenges initially.
From penetrating the market and creating awareness to delivering unique designs at affordable prices, there is much to consider.
Custom Screen Printing For Your Brand

The ability to translate their ideas into actual designs is a quality of the most successful clothing companies.
To gain an edge, boutiques can rely on affordable custom screen printing to turn their designs into clothing.
Whether you want to create a specific logo, delve into graphic shirts and hoodies, or even opt for embroidery — convenience and quality are guaranteed with screen printing.
Plus, it will give you access to industry-grade printing machines and bulk production to level the playing field.
Detail And Finesse

Sometimes, your designs can be too detailed or complex to translate well into an embroidered pattern — custom screen printing handles them with ease.
There is no need to worry about messy edges, leaking ink, or lousy quality — every aspect is covered.
Stand Out From Other Apparel Brands

Searching for the best custom screen printing professionals in Nashville, TN?
Takehold Printing is the perfect asset to help you create the clothing line of your dreams.
From hoodies and shirts to accessories, our team can help you achieve anything you set your mind on.
Step on your path to success in the design world with Takehold — start your own clothing line today!

Winters are a call to put on our best thermal clothing and prepare to enjoy everything snow and chilly weather have got to offer.
While some species hibernate in winters, humans continue to experience the joys, and sometimes even harshness, of this season.
Some individuals willingly battle the cold piercing winds. They are none other than the architects and builders of our homes: the construction workers!
Staying warm and protected during Nashville, TN’s cold winds is essential for onsite workers.
Let us explore what it means to have warm gear that uses customized screen printing for your construction company and employees.
Functionality Meets Fun
Construction workers spend most hours outdoors. It won't be far-fetched to say you would often find the workers high up in the sky hanging and working on skyscrapers.
Therefore, winter essentials, such as hoodies, beanies, and thermal gloves become must-have items.
But hold on! Functionality does not have to be boring, right?
Using cutting edge technologies like screen printing and customized embroidery, you can create the most appealing designs that make winter essentials fashionably urbane and give your construction workers an unmatched suave.
From Standing Out to Out Performing
The workers are the outside face of any construction company. Looking after their well-being, morale, and style can do wonders for your company.
It's simple. To help build a great brand, every company, especially those in construction, require merchandise that reflects their commitment to outstanding work that impresses and inspires.
Thus, to stand out from the rest of the competition, companies must invest in their workers – their brand image.
The first step towards that brand development starts with custom uniforms for employees.
Staying Warm With A Bit Of Charm
To have customized apparel does not have to be so difficult whether it's for school apparel, school uniforms, or a construction company.
Even if you are starting your own clothing line or boutique for construction workers, TakeHold Printing takes hold of all your needs.
We specialize in screen printing uniforms for all sorts of businesses whether it’s a construction company or a sports team.
Bring your winter gear ideas for your construction team to TakeHold in Nashville, TN. We will make sure winter winds don’t get past their stylish uniforms!

Does the idea of a dull-colored shirt, tie, and blazer take you back to when uniforms looked anything but cool?
Do you hate it when the paint peels off of your t-shirts within one wash?
Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore!
Custom screen printing not only makes uniforms cool but also ensures they easily last your school year.
Why Invest In Uniforms?
School apparel, sports team gear, and t-shirts for events are all a very essential part of a child’s schooling experience.
Uniforms build a strong sense of integrity, unity, and belonging in students; nobody is superior or inferior to anyone.
Moreover, uniforms bring a touch of class and discipline to a school. Everyone may be wearing the same clothes, but they all look smart in them!
Even when it comes to sports teams, attractive and colorful gear builds team morale and helps the team gain popularity amongst the audience.
The New Age of Screen Printing
We may think of them as ‘formal wear’, but school uniforms are worn each day and tested to their limits. Plus, when it comes to sports gear, the clothing must be comfortable and durable.
With custom screen printing, you can wash them again and again, and never worry about losing their color or design.
If they are made trendy along the way, it only adds to the fun!
New Year, New Style
To breathe new life into your school apparel, let go of common boutique clothing and run-of-the-mill apparel brands. Switch to something with a bit of personality instead.
Order custom screen printed uniforms, or make your school stand out by starting your own clothing line for your institute's sports teams – the opportunities are unlimited!
TakeHold Printing Is The One You Need
Get your sketchbooks out and bring over your designs to our shop, and we will make your design a trendy, colorful reality.
With our latest customized embroidery and school apparel styles to choose from, Takehold Printing has got your back!
Located in Hendersonville, TN, and only a few miles away from Nashville, TakeHold Printing is a one-stop-shop for all your custom screen printing needs.
Welcome students into the new school year with stylish, transformed uniforms!

Custom Screen Printing For Construction Uniforms

With buildings, homes, and other infrastructure being developed all across the globe every day, the importance of construction workers cannot go unnoticed. 

There are various elements to being a construction worker but we usually identify them through their unique uniforms! 

But what is it that makes the uniform so important and what difference does custom screen printing make?

Safety and Functionality

Safety is crucial in the construction business. Not only should the uniform help in keeping workers safe, but it should also allow them to move around easily.

That’s why your crew should always have functional, safe, and comfortable uniforms.

Morale Booster

Tiresome, and energy-consuming, construction work can be highly challenging even for the very best. Hence, your crew needs to have their morale high – all day, every day.  This is where custom printed uniform comes in. 

Plus, constantly laboring in harsh conditions outdoors deserves some form of reward, don’t you think? 

Team Spirit

A great uniform inculcates a sense of belonging which not only improves team spirit and promotes company pride but also boosts productivity. 

Representing Your Company

Construction workers are far from invisible. In fact, they are the ones on-site, representing your brand!

This is why a well-dressed crew will project an attractive business image – considering they will always be dressed appropriately - that your company’s work is of the utmost quality. 

Customized Screen Printing For Uniforms

What is the best way for you to combine the mobility aspect of construction uniforms with your company’s representation?

Custom screen printing!

Through custom screen printing, you can have your workwear designed with your company’s name and logo. Whenever in a public setting, your crew would be constant image marketers for your company! 

Gear Into The New Year With Screen Printing

Looking to head into next year with brand new uniforms for your workers to uplift morale and boost productivity?

At Takehold Printing, we specialize in custom screen printing of uniforms for all types of businesses! Whether you are starting a business with custom uniforms or want to transform your brand identity with customized embroidery, we offer it all.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are located in Nashville, TN, and need quality custom screen printing done get in touch with us now! 

Custom Screen Printing For Apparel Brands

What do all the top apparel brands in the world — Gucci, H&M, and Zara — have in common? 

Their unique clothing designs make them stand out from the rest.

If you are a brand looking to rise in the apparel world, your designs should also set your clothing apart. 

But there’s also the next step: to print those designs accurately and effectively on your clothes.

Here’s why custom screen printing is the best way to do so.

What Is Custom Screen Printing?

The custom screen printing process involves using a mesh-based stencil or ‘screen’ to apply ink to clothing. For every color, a different stencil is used, thus creating layers of ink.

The technique allows for greater customization of designs for your clothing.

Benefits For Apparel Brands

In an industry where digital printing is fast becoming the norm, why should your apparel brand opt for custom screen printing?

The world of options that opens up with custom screen printing is yet to be offered by other printing methods.

The ink for this technique can be adjusted to meet the requirements of materials likes cotton, polyester, and tri-blends. 

The printing is done by hand, therefore it provides a softer and smoother feel to the fabrics.

Custom screen printing brings out the shine in colors by making them stand out even on darker clothes. The way to go is to keep the designs minimalistic and focused to increase their visibility.

Where digitally printed designs can fade or dull, custom screen printing allows the designs to blend in with the clothes. Thus, instead of wearing off, they bend or stretch with the apparel.

When you order custom screen printing for a bulk of clothes, the same mixtures of ink are created. Therefore, you end up saving a huge sum on printing costs.

Custom Screen Printing In Nashville, TN

Searching for the best screen printing service near you? 

TakeHold Printing offers custom screen printing for apparel brands in Nashville, TN at the most affordable prices.

With us, you can turn your designs and vision into reality!

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