Nashville Group Team Building Activities Include Custom Tees

Team building helps employees get to know their coworkers and build relationships. Establishing and strengthening the rapport between coworkers translates into improved understanding and communication skills that will carry over into the workplace. Take on this ultimate list of Nashville group team building activities and hand out custom t-shirts to create a team environment.

Benefit of Team Building

Team building activities can run the gamut, but they all set out to achieve the same goal. Efficient team building does just that – it builds team skills, increases communication and improves both moral and productivity. Employees learn more about their fellow team members and begin to see them as people with lives outside of work, instead of just coworkers. Completing a challenge also gives Nashville team members a sense of accomplishment from working together.

Creating a Team Atmosphere

The activities themselves build a rapport, but you can further create a sense of a team by providing employees custom tees branded with your logo and corporate colors. Designed tees will set the tone and get everyone ready for whatever activities are to come.

Rewarding Team Building

Custom tees can also be used as a reward for whatever group wins your team building competition. A uniquely designed shirt can be enough of an incentive to encourage employees to take team building activities seriously.

Customize Your Tee

Creating custom tees is quick and easy. Include your company’s logo and feature a message about the team building experience. Design the artwork you want to be printed on your shirt and send it in. Our team can help answer questions or give lend a hand with the design work if you need help.

Team Building Activities

Different Nashville group team building activities will appeal to various groups. Take into account the size of your group and how much space will be needed. For outdoor activities consider the weather and have a backup plan or set a rain date.

How to Tie Shoelaces

As individuals or in small teams have people write instructions for tying shoelaces. It is a simple task that everyone knows how to do, but explaining the process requires attention to detail. Once everyone turns in their instructions, have other groups test out those instructions. Going through the instructions teaches team members to pay attention to details and communicate clearly.

Quiz Game

On slips of paper write out questions specific to the company. Fold the slips of paper, toss them in a box or bucket and have team members draw slips. Each team member will read their question and answer the question to the best of his or her ability. Other team members can speak up to answer the question if the initial employee does not know the answer, or they can supplement info to the answer.

Examples of questions can include who founded the company and when, what is the top-selling product, what is the customer service phone number, what trade shows or other industry events does the company attend and more.

Group Drawing

Break everyone into equally-sized groups and give each group pen and paper. One member of each group begins to draw a shape or outline of their choosing, or you can privately give the first artist instructions ahead of time. The first drawer will stop and pass the pen and paper along to the next team member, and the second person adds to the drawing. This process continues until each team member has contributed. The goal is to identify what is being drawn and participate in a meaningful way.

This exercise pushes team members to lay the useful groundwork that will help other team members build upon the work of one another. When the drawings are complete, evaluate the finished products. If the final drawing is identifiable as what the first artist intended it to be, that group is declared a winner. Ideally, all teams will be identified as winners.

Scavenger Hunt

Depending on how many people you have, divide everyone into groups. Hand each group their first clue that will lead to a previously hidden clue that will also lead to more clues. The first group to reach their final clue is the winner. This exercise encourages team members to put their heads together to figure out the riddles that will lead them to the next clue.

Get Athletic

From bowling to mini golf to more serious endeavors your team building activities can be sports based. Make sure you have enough participants to round out the teams if necessary and make sure everyone is physically able to play along. Such activities encourage teamwork, but also add a social element to the exercise.

Building Your Team

Team building activities create stronger and more efficient teams, which in turn helps your business. Custom printed tee shirts can be used to further create a sense of team or as a reward for participating in team building activities.

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Discount Custom Apparel Offers Big Benefits to Small Nashville Businesses

Small businesses have a lot to gain when they promote with custom apparel. The exposure offered by custom printed t-shirts can establish and expand the reach of a brand, while also delivering a significant return on investment. Learn how to put discount custom apparel to work for your small Nashville business.

Mobile Marketing

Tees customized with a business’s logo work like a sign. As employees or customers wear the branded tee, they will spread the business’s branding message. This will expose the content to a new audience and reinforce the message with existing customers. As your employees or customers move about, they will take your branding message with them and help get the word out about your small business in Nashville.

Employee Uniforms

Custom apparel can be used as employee uniforms either during regular work hours or when attending a trade show or industry event. Branded shirts will clearly identify employees, making it easier for customers or vendors to zero in on who can help them with questions.

Start a Conversation

Wearing custom apparel establishes the wearer as an expert on the subject of the shirt. When your employees wear a tee that bears your company’s logo, people will associate your employee with your brand. If they have questions or want to learn more about your business, they will be sure to ask. Directly engaging with your customers is an excellent way to provide service and it establishes your brand as being helpful.

Increased Presence

When customers and vendors see your branded gear, they will be reminded of your Nashville business. People may not even realize they are thinking about your brand when they look at your promotional products, but that is what is happening. This increased presence will establish your name as available and reliable.

Always on the Clock

Discount custom apparel is always doing the job of promoting your brand. As long as the clothing is being worn and is visible, it is working to increase awareness about your company. When employees wear your branded tees outside of work, or when customers wear custom apparel, they are promoting your business at all times.

Get Your Customers in on the Fun

Branded shirts make great promotional tools that your customers may want to wear, too. Custom shirts can be given away as gifts at events or even sold in your shop or on your website. Creating unique content makes your shirts (and thus your name) more desirable. When customers wear your branded tee, they will increase the reach of your business and get your message in front of people who may not have seen it otherwise.

Receive Endorsements

When people (whether employees or clients) wear a tee emblazoned with your branding while out and about they are silently endorsing your business. People typically only wear branded apparel when they support a company. Custom apparel serves as an endorsement for your business.

Value in Repetition

Custom apparel is great for getting your branding info in front of a wider audience. Not only that, but branded clothing can also serve as a gentle reminder to your current customers. When employees and customers routinely see your branding message they will become more familiar with it. Over time, your marketing information will become ingrained, and your customers will be able to identify your brand easily.

Stretch Your Marketing Budget

Custom tee shirts make the most of your marketing budget. Each shirt can typically be worn dozens upon dozens of times, which means your message will be out there increasing awareness of your brand for possibly years. Custom apparel delivers an excellent return on investment, making it a smart way to spend your marketing budget.

Determine Quantity

The higher the overall quantity of shirts ordered the lower the price per shirt. This means that ordering more shirts offers cost savings per item. When determining an amount, give careful thought to the overall numbers. You want to order as many tees as possible to ensure you have plenty and to get the best price per shirt.

Get Creative

Custom apparel is an opportunity to be creative. Whatever artwork you dream up we can make happen on tee shirts. The more eye-catching and attention-grabbing your message, the more it will resonate with the people who see it.

Project Ideas

If you need help setting up or editing your files, or if you need ideas, we can help. Explain what you want to achieve with a general purpose and our team can create custom artwork for your project.

Reap Big Benefits

Custom apparel offers a great value and increases the awareness and recognition of your small business. Branded tees also identify employees and provide an endorsement for your company. Create your very own custom apparel and get it out there in support of your small enterprise.

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Styling a Casual Nashville Outfit with a Customized Tee Shirt

Tee shirts have been mainly designated as gym clothes or the uniform for doing chores, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Custom tees can be stylish and give an outfit a polished and pulled together look. Here are some tips for styling a casual Nashville outfit with a customized tee shirt.


Create a cohesive look by adding coordinating accessories. If your custom tee has a bright or dominant color, find accessories that are the same color for a sleek monochromatic look. You can also add accessories all in the same contrasting hue to make a stylish statement. From a belt to shoes, jewelry and a handbag you can build a stylish outfit around a customized tee shirt

Add a Blazer

The structure of a more professional looking blazer over a casual custom tee creates a look that is on trend. If opting to wear a blazer and custom tee, round out your ensemble with fitted or slim fit pants and heels or ballet flats. This look can also be paired with jeans which are still casual, but slightly dresses up your jeans. Whether worn to work or brunch rocking a blazer and custom tee is a polished look.

Pair With a Maxi Skirt

The flow of a maxi skirt makes a nice contrast with a more fitted custom tee. If you leave the tee untucked add a belt to add definition. Wear with comfortable sandals or even sneakers. This casual, bohemian look is ideal for lazy weekends.

Wear a Moto Jacket

The fitted silhouette of a moto jacket offers a nice contrast to the looser fit of a tee shirt. This look plays off of the straight lines of the jacket and the more loose fit of the tee. Pair with boots or even high heels to round out the look.

Coordinate with Shorts and Ankle Boots

Shorts and tees are two articles of clothing known for being very casual. Create an edgier version of this classic look by tucking the tee in and pairing with ankle boots. This elevates the look, making it more stylish and yet still spot on and comfortable. If there is a slight chill in the air add a pair of tights under the shorts and grab a blazer to round out the look.

Dress Down a Dress

Throw a custom graphic tee over a dress to create a completely different look. This works with all sorts of dresses and adds versatility to your wardrobe. Layering a tee over a dress is also a way to tone down the formality of a fancier dress and make it better suited to more casual affairs and excursions.

Layer Over a Dress Shirt

Wearing a short sleeve tee over a long sleeve tee is a tried and true method to stay warm. Layer a tee over a dress shirt for a stylish way to stay warm and look-on trend. Roll the sleeves of the dress shirt for a more casual and comfortable look.

Match to a Skirt

Whether a structured pencil skirt or a knee-length A-line skirt, pair with a custom tee to make for a stylish outfit. Partially tuck the shirt in to avoid looking frumpy, particularly if wearing a high waisted skirt. Wear with heels or open sandals for a carefree and summery look. Make the outfit more cold weather appropriate with platform shoes and tall boots.

Wear with Denim

Denim is a staple and always looks good with a tee shirt. Whether worn with jeans or a denim jacket you will immediately have a look that is quintessential Americana.

Go For the Unexpected

If you have a piece that is a little bit out there, you can reel in the look with a custom tee. From a tulle skirt to leather pants or a crocheted vest a tee will help to anchor the look while allowing a unique part of the outfit to stand out.

Show Your Style

There are countless ways to style custom tees. When creating your look go for something that is comfortable and speaks to your style. Tees can make formal articles of clothing more casual to expand the versatility of your wardrobe.

Create Your Own Custom Tees

If you are feeling inspired to up your style game with custom tees, we can help. Create your artwork, send it in, and we can print your images on a tee. If you have an idea, but do not have design skills or access to design software we can help. We offer free design help to bring your vision to life.

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