Creating custom tees offers a fun alternative to standard office wear, group celebrations and birthday or holiday gift-giving. Perhaps your perceived color blindness leaves you hesitant to put together a great look. After all, even the best tee-worthy statements fall flat if camouflaged in the color of the tee. And the statement and the message form the purpose of a great tee. With colors running the full spectrum, how do you choose hues to produce an attractive custom tee that gets your message across to your potential customers? How do you pair a light steel tee with gold nugget lettering successfully? Does chamois even match with graphite? What color is wisteria anyway? Learn how to choose cheap custom tees colors that attract attention.

General Concepts and Color

Fortunately, with a few hints and tips, you can produce fantastic-looking cheap custom tees. Keep in mind a few general concepts when choosing a color for your order.


Do letters and images stand out enough to be seen at a distance? While size plays a role in visibility, color greatly enhances this quality as well. After all, if a passerby needs to invade your personal space to read a tee, this gets a bit uncomfortable.


Is your message clearly presented? The whole point of a custom tee is to get the word out to others This can be a fun take on an event, a silly comment, some political commentary or a statement regarding your business’ integrity. With any vibe, lettering and tee colors enhance or detract from the words and images.


While economical, custom tees still represent an expense in terms of dollars and time. Designing a piece that unifies employees or family while becoming a memory maker (think of all the meaningful old tees you simply cannot throw out), proves worthy of the cost. In other words, if no one wears it, the message does not get out easily. Ready to get started on color?

Get the Word Out

Creating cheap custom tees usually means you have a message to spread. In particular, this word may relate to your company or a cause you support which offer a starting point in choosing a color.

Company Branding

When looking to promote your business, tees offer a casual, comfortable way to introduce yourself. Looking to your logo for color inspiration keeps things all in the family. After all, professionals likely developed the logo, and their expertise includes color know-how.

Charitable Causes

Another popular use of the custom tee is bringing awareness to charitable causes. The hues that represent the organization or color its logo work well together and attract attention. Use these choices as your starting point.

Opposites Attract

A quick lesson in color principles helps create a tee that you and those wearing it love. Check out a color wheel for inspiration. Use the following concepts to guide your choices.


People notice bold-colored lettering that contrasts a tee’s color. Plus, this color scheme increases visibility. For instance, dark tees with light text and light tees with dark print offer a clear message.


In choosing ink color, think complementary colors. Hues directly across from one another on the color wheel. Note that too much strong contrast can be overwhelming. The colors next to one another on the wheel (analogous) offer a gentle contrast. Monochromatic colors (shades of the same hue) create shading and definition.

We Go Together

Pulling all the options together in a cohesive, wearable look requires a few other considerations. Simplicity and the call of the seasons offer valuable clues to color choices.


Keep the layout and colors of your tee simple to avoid crowding and maintain message clarity. Limiting yourself to one or two colors works to this end. While the standard, go-to white tee may scream simplicity, white images on colored shirts prove more striking.

Seasonal Considerations

When designing a custom tee, the season when it is introduced plays a valuable role in color choice. For instance, black tee shirts at summer events leave participants sweating and uncomfortable, and that’s not a memory you want associated with your tee or event.

Ordering Hints

When sitting before your computer and inputting your color choices, a few principles come into play. Consider the following before you click to complete your order.

Computer Color

Remember when ordering that computer graphic features affect the color you see. For one, you do not always wear your tee in spaces illuminated by light boxes. Second, filters in your computer brighten images for visual appeal during your online design experiences.

Color Adjustment

When designing your cheap custom tee, keep in mind that adjustments to accommodate your desires sometimes pan out. For instance, if you love a lighter shirt with pastel lettering, visibility decreases. However, adding a darker outline around the letters highlights your message.

Still at a loss? Look for company suggestions as to colors that work well together. Seek the input of others. Ask a customer service representative for help. After all, at TakeHold, we love to create amazing shirts for you!

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