With gift giving season coming up in the fast lane, what better time to think about custom-made T-shirts for every occasion? The team at TakeHold Printing can help you with some excellent customization for every gift-giving occasion. We are proud to serve our friends and neighbors in Nashville. 

Custom T-shirts for The Holidays

Do you remember when you were a child and you hated to get clothes for Christmas? That isn’t particularly so anymore. I can tell you so many children and even adults who love to get personalized T-shirts! You can really show how well you know a person when you get them a suitable design that speaks to their inner self. 

There are so many designs you can come up with that will pertain to each individual. If your family does a gift exchange where you won’t know who will get your gift, you can still choose something that is a popular design. Everyone loves to receive personalized gifts. 

Graduation Gifts

Choosing an inspirational quote is always a popular idea with any type of graduation. You can add a picture or design if you want to. It isn’t always necessary, though, if the quote is a longer one. 

If you have a high school student going off to college, customized T-shirts can help them break the ice. You can come up with a witty slogan for a real conversation starter. Most students love any type of T-shirt. 

New Baby

Popular in recent years is having your baby a newborn nightgown or bodysuit made with their name. Some have even done a gender reveal parties using apparel to make the statement. Customized baby items are always a wonderful gift that can be treasured long after being outgrown. 

T-shirts aren’t the only thing that can be personalized. What about a diaper bag? Customizing a diaper bag not only makes a great gift but it also helps it to stand out. 


There are always choices for birthday gifts that include customized T-shirts! Commemorate a child’s special day with their age and name on their shirt for their party. When they are older, they will have all their T-shirts and see maybe what the theme was for that year. What a fun way to remember your birthday. 

Mother’s Day 

You can see advertisements all the time for shirts made for mothers and grandmothers. They always have a cute saying with the names of the children and grandchildren. You can design your own, one-of-a-kind T-shirt and make it extra special. Add some pictures with the names for a super fun design idea. 

Some shirts that have been popular include:

  • “Mama Bear” with cubs
  • Mom/grandmother sports shirts
  • Hashtag mom shirts
  • And more…

Your mother or grandmother will love her custom-designed gift. 

Call Us for Your Custom Designs

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, give TakeHold Printing a call. We are happy to help with all your custom design T-shirts and apparel. There is a design for any occasion. Call us today and we will get started on your custom order! 

Having a unique design for your athletic uniform can really make you stand out! Here at TakeHold Printing, we are available to turn your design into a screenprint. We are happy to serve Nashville and the Your team will be set apart with your very own uniforms. 

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing means to take a stencil and use ink to transfer your design onto fabric. A mesh screen is used in the process as well. Ink is poured one color at a time and a squeegee is used to push the colors onto the fabric. 

You can have just about any type of fabric screen printed. Cotton is generally the most popular. You can also screen print jersey material as well as wool, polyester, and more. It is recommended you consider your material when thinking of uniforms due the nature of the sport. You will want a material that is easy to move in. 

Why Screen Print Uniforms?

When you choose to screen print your athletic uniforms, your design will be built to last. Since screen printing uses ink, you won’t have to worry about the design fading away. Your uniforms will last for many seasons to come. 

Personalization is important, too. Having the player name will show off spirit and make everyone feel part of the team. Choosing fonts and sizes are a fun way to include everyone. 

Choosing the Right Design

The first thing to think about is what your mascot is. You will want to have it designed out and decide if you would like it on your uniforms. Do you want it on the front or the back? You will also want to decide about who is getting what number. 

Are you having the bottoms customized also? If so, you can choose to just do a small number or you can add the team name or mascot here as well. The sky really is the limit when designing your very own uniforms for your team. 

Choosing Your Colors

If your team already has specific colors unique to them, you will want to use them for your uniforms. If the team has more than one color, think of if they coordinate together. You may also choose more than one uniform for various events. 

Warm Up Suits

Many athletic teams will have an additional matching suit to wear over their team uniform. You can have this look similar or even the same as the uniform. This will create unity among the team for traveling to a destination. 

Choose the same colors or alternating colors as the team uniform for a contrasting design. You can personalize these as well with a name or even just the number. Everyone loves to be able to support their team on and off the field or court. 

Spirit Shirts for the Fans

For an extra fundraiser, you can design and sell shirts for the parents and fans. This is a great way for them to show their support for their favorite team. It is also great to raise some money to maybe pay for the team uniforms or warm up suits. 

These you can make the school colors or even white or gray. Add the team logo or mascot and then the fans have a shirt to wear to the games or meets. Everyone loves to support their favorite team! 

Give Us A Call Today

When you are designing your athletic uniforms, give TakeHold Printing a call. We are experienced in screen printing and will do your uniforms just the way you like. It is our pleasure to serve our Nashville neighbors and beyond. Give us a call and we will get started on your order. 

When you think of wearing custom T-shirts made, sometimes it’s hard to think about wearing them in the next season. Here, at TakeHold Printing, we would like to help you design something you can wear season after season. A screen-printed T-shirt is sure to last you year after year. 

Screen Printing Process

The art of screen printing requires a special mesh screen, a squeegee, fabric ink, your image, and also the right type of fabric. Typically, cotton or a cotton/polyester blend will hold the ink the best. Many people like the cotton/poly blend for softness. 

Your design is then cut into a stencil and applied to the mesh screen. The ink, one color at a time, will then be added to the image. The squeegee is then used to pull the color across the image and into the fabric. Once all colors have been applied and the ink has dried, the image will then be heat set. 

Custom Apparel That Lasts

If you’re thinking about purchasing holiday gifts for your friends and family, why not choose a custom T-shirt? You can choose a design that speaks to their personality. Every time they wear their new, custom-made shirt, they will remember who they got it from. T-shirts and other accessories are popular for gift giving. 

By choosing the right fabric and the best style of shirt, you can be sure to have a long lasting design. Being wintertime, you can choose long sleeves that will still last into the cooler parts of spring. Choose designs that can go season after season as well. 

Sports for All Seasons

For most, basketball season is upon us. Maybe you aren’t sure how to dress but want to show your school spirit. If you had a short sleeve shirt you had made for football, then just layer it over a long sleeve shirt for basketball season. Any other sport will work, too. 

Layers can go a long way. You can choose generic designs that are made for your school that doesn’t pertain to a specific sport. School colors rarely change so choosing shirts and designs that go with the school are always a good idea. 

Types of T-Shirt Styles

When choosing the best T-shirts for screen printing, really it’s the material that matters most as described above. The styles of shirts you can choose are nearly endless. Crewnecks and V-necks are pretty popular styles. You can also choose other neck styles as well as sleeve length. 

Shirts aren’t the only things that can be screen printed. You can also choose pants or even blankets for those chilly nights. You can even customize special tote bags and purses. 

Call Us For Custom Apparel Service

When you are ready to design your perfect custom screen printed T-shirts, call TakeHold Printing. We are open for business and serving Nashville and the surrounding area. We can help you come up with design or choose a design you have created. Call us today and we will get started.