15 Fun Church Events Worthy of Customized T-shirts

Custom designed t-shirts create a sense of unity and can also be an excellent way to commemorate an event. Creating customized t-shirts for your church can foster a feeling of community and shared faith.

Shirts Bring Value to Your Community

You may find it useful to create custom designed t-shirts for your church that are general and can be worn to any event. It can also be worthwhile to design shirts for specific events. If there is a special gathering or a yearly event you can commemorate it with a specially designed t-shirt.

Design Your Customized T-Shirts

Submit your artwork, and we can print your custom designed t-shirt. You can design your artwork and send it to us as an .ai, .png or .jpeg file. We can take care of any edits your files may need. If you need design help, we can put together some ideas and create your custom t-shirt design. Select the color of the artwork and the t-shirts for a complementary look. All of these fun church events, and more, are worthy of a custom t-shirt.

1. Create and Deliver Food Baskets

Round up donations and create food baskets to distribute to those in need around the holidays. When church members deliver the baskets, they should wear their customized t-shirts.

2. Collect Donations

Choose a cause and send church members out into the community to collect donations. Support can be raised for hurricane victims, local shelters or food pantries. There are a lot of organizations to choose from that can use support. Members can wear their church t-shirts while collecting donations.

3. Host a Cookout

Organize a cookout with church members and invite neighbors and other members of the community. Church members can wear their custom t-shirts.

4. Host a Community-Wide Blood Drive

Offer to use the church facilities to host a blood drive. Church members can volunteer and wear their t-shirts.

5. Organize a Sports Tournament

Pick a sport members like to play whether software, kickball or something else. Invite members to create teams that can also include non-church family and friends and plan a tournament. Athletes can wear custom designed shirts as uniforms.

6. Decorate Pumpkins for Halloween

Have a selection of pumpkins and invite younger members of the church to wear their shirts and pick out a pumpkin. Older church members can help the kids decorate their pumpkins.

7. Wrap Presents for Christmas

Host a gift wrapping session where church members volunteer to wrap gifts for other members of the church and members of the community. The members wrapping gifts can wear their custom t-shirts.

8. Participate in Fairs, Festivals and Parades 

Churches can have a presence at local fairs, festivals, and parades.  Host a booth or create a float and wear your custom designed church tees.

9. Plan a Day of Community Service

Depending on the time of year organize a seasonably appropriate day of service for the community. Church members can plant flowers, paint park benches, pick up litter or do anything else that helps to beautify the community.


10. Help Neighbors With Chores

Organize for members to do chores for church and community members who are elderly or have health issues that make some chores difficult. Church volunteers can wear their shirts as they rake leaves, pressure wash sidewalks and even install or remove window air conditioner units.

11. End of School Celebration

Host parties for student church members. It may be best to divide the students into groups based on grades. You can organize parties for elementary, middle and high school students. Plan age-appropriate activities and ask students to wear their shirts.

12. Host a Family Movie Night

Set up a projector, select a family-friendly movie, pop some popcorn and invite church members to bring their families and friends to watch the movie. Members can wear their custom shirts.

13. Enjoy an Outdoor Concert

Invite members of both the church and community to bring lawn chairs and enjoy live music at an outdoor concert at the church. Church members can wear their shirts.

14. Church Potluck

Invite members to bring a dish, wear their custom shirt and enjoy a meal and fellowship.


15. New Member Meet and Greet

Plan a gathering for new church members to get to know the congregation. This can be a very good time to give new members their very own custom designed church t-shirt. Existing members can wear their shirts.

Get Started Designing Your Custom Church T-Shirts

Creating custom t-shirt designs for your church is simple, and we can help. Custom shirts create a community feeling and will bring people closer. Church t-shirts also make it easy for non-members to identify members at events open to the community. This makes it easier for non-church guests to know who to talk to with questions or other comments.

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Custom Printed T-Shirts and Other Fitness Business Promos

If you have been in the fitness business for any significant period, you are well aware of how competitive it can be. It seems like every time that you turn a corner you notice that another gym is popping up in your neighborhood. That means that you need to be marketing yourself even harder and more strategically than you ever have. Custom printed t-shirts and other fitness promos help brand your business.

The flooding of new gyms to the market and their spending on online ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google have driven up the cost of advertising and generating leads online. Which means that you and other fitness business owners need to find more creative and cost effective ways to promote and market their businesses. Today, we are going to discuss some innovative and profitable ways that you can market your fitness business.

1) Summer and New Year Challenges

One excellent aspect of owning your fitness center or gym is that you have a built in client base already. Two of the biggest times each year that we see boosts in the fitness business is at the end of summer and the beginning of each new year. You can run New Year challenges and end of summer challenges that offer:

– Nutrition counseling

– Extra programming

– Custom workouts

– A supplementation guide

Offer your existing clients an opportunity to sign up for a 60 to 90-day challenge at a flat rate, which includes a lot of additional content. That’s an excellent way to boost your sales with your existing membership. Spread word of mouth and tell them to get their friends to join too. The best thing is that you can run both of these challenges every year and offer custom printed t-shirts as commemorative rewards.

2) Run a Gym Anniversary Special

Every year you have the opportunity to run some gym anniversary special. Offer your existing and new members a special discount when they purchase longer contracts. Offer referral discounts to your current members, so if they bring in a friend or two, they get a certain percentage knocked off of a month or the total. Include cool custom-printed t-shirts as an added incentive.

3) Run a Business Challenge

If you run a fitness center that offers programming and classes for businesses in your area, why not start your corporate fitness challenge? Have different companies or teams within the same business compete using metrics like:

– Classes attended

– Weight lifted

– Personal records

– Weight lost

– Inches lost

And offer a fun prize or gift bundle to the team that wins. Custom printed t-shirts they can wear to the gym are sure to be a hit!

4) Free Session with a Trainer 

One of the best ways to market your fitness business within and outside of your business is to offer a free or complimentary personal training session. This gives your members personal attention and time with you or your training staff, adds value to your business, and gives you the opportunity to build another revenue stream with an existing or new client. Offer discounts for an introductory training package with you so that you can help your clients:

– Improve their performance

– Refine their diet to suit their goals

– Assist them in proper supplementation

– Help them perfect their technique to improve their results and reduce the chances of injuries

5) Offer Free Passes and Prizes for Check-ins

Another great, free way to market your fitness center is to run a check-in challenge. Have your existing members check into your gym on Facebook or Yelp every time that they come in for a workout, and share where they are with their friends. Tally the number of check-ins that each of your regular members had at the end of each month and offer prizes, free passes, custom printed t-shirts, and rewards for your top check-in clients. This will give you a ton of free word-of-mouth marketing via your client’s social media when all of their friends see where they are working out and how often they are going in.

6) Free Month Pass with a Review on Google or Yelp

Another free way to build buzz about your gym or fitness center is to have your clients or new members review your business on Google or help. Great reviews online are one of the best ways to pick up new clients and improve your business’ SEO. Offer a free month or week pass, free personal training, custom printed t-shirts or something of value to any of your clients that give your business a positive review online.

7) Run Social Media Contests

Running social media contests is another fun and free way you can promote your business through your existing clients. Set up a list of social media activities that your clients can do, and set a point value for each item. Run your contest for a month and see what clients have the most points at the end of the month. Offer them a free month, free personal training package, gear, custom printed t-shirts and more for the winner. For example, members earn:

– 1 point for each Facebook check-in

– 2 points for each check-in with a tagged picture on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

– 3 points for adding and tagging your gym in your client’s Snap, Facebook, or Instagram story

– 4 points for each check-in with a video that tags and mentions your gym

There are a ton of great ways to market your fitness business for cheap or for nothing at all. Our custom design t-shirts can help you promote your business and all its special events and giveaways. Plus, everyone who wears your tee is like a walking billboard for your fitness enterprise.

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Custom Design T-Shirts and the Ultimate Family Reunion

Planning a family reunion requires a lot of work, planning, and coordination. The end result is completely worth it. Getting everyone together can be fun and exciting and help remind everyone about the importance of family. If you are coordinating your next family event follow these tips for planning the ultimate family reunion, complete with custom design t-shirts to celebrate and memorialize the occasion.

Establish a Theme

Come up with a theme that can influence the gathering. Plan the entire family reunion around this theme. It can be food related. For instance, if most family members enjoy barbecue and you have some relatives who know their way around a grill, make this the theme. If your family is competitive, consider staging a softball tournament and make that the theme.

Build the Party Around the Theme

When the theme is determined, it is easier for everything else to fall into place. Food, decorations, and activities can be centered around the theme. When relatives ask what they can do to help, let them know the theme and what others have already signed up to do. This will help people determine what they can contribute.

Family Reunion Tee Shirts

Custom design T-shirts are a fun and creative way to commemorate a family reunion. When everyone is wearing matching T-shirts, it creates a sense of unity and togetherness. Custom printed tees also make great souvenirs for everyone to take home.

Create a Custom Design T-Shirt

Create your own shirt design that features your family’s surname, the year, and the location of the reunion. Feel free to include any other relevant info or fun sentiments. Pull design ideas from your theme. You just need to select the colors used for the printing and the tee shirts. We can take things from there. If you need help with design ideas or help creating files, we can lend a hand.

Be Understanding

Not everyone may relate to the theme, so give people space to do their own thing. For example, relatives who have dietary restrictions may not be able to fully partake in a barbecue theme. Relatives recovering from an injury or illness may not want to take the softball field. Be prepared by having other food and activity options available.

Contests and Activities

Activities are a great way to get family members to have a good time and make memories together. You can plan to play lawn games or board games. Contests are a cool option to get people talking and joking. Contests can range from who made the best dessert to which team won the family softball game. Consider special custom design t-shirts for each of the family softball teams to add spirit to the competition.

Time to Catch Up

Set aside time for people to just sit and catch up. Activities and contests are fun and are a good way to people to spend time together. Some relatives will just want to sit and chat. They will want to talk to each other and reminisce and find out what is going on in their lives right now. When planning your family reunion, account for this time.

Stay Organized

It is important to stay organized while planning a family reunion. You need to track who agreed to bring food, who volunteered to take care of grilling, and who will bring games or supplies for different activities. If you have relatives traveling from out of town it is also helpful to track which local relatives have space for overnight guests. It is important to share this info with everyone, so people know what gaps they can help fill.

Take Your Planning Digital

Consider starting a Google doc you can share with everyone or create a Facebook group to keep everyone informed. This may be a challenge for relatives who are not tech savvy, so keep track of those individuals and let them know what is going on with phone calls.

Create the Ultimate Family Reunion

Planning a family reunion can be a lot of work. Finding a time and place where everyone can get together and activities that people will participate in can be a challenge. The work is all worth is when everyone gets together and creates fun memories. Using these tips can make it easy to plan the ultimate family reunion. And remember, custom design t-shirts for everyone in the family make the event a total success!

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