Celebrate Patriotic Summer Holidays with Cheap Custom T-shirts

As we head into warmer weather, people shed their coats and sweatshirts and opt for cheap custom T-shirts instead. As we come out of the spring fog, there are a couple of great summer holidays coming up that would be appropriate to commemorate with a custom T-shirt. A great way to show your patriotism is to create T-shirts for Memorial Day as well as the Fourth of July. Whether wearing them to a gathering or sharing them with friends, you can have unique shirts to celebrate each of these holidays.

A Shirt to Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is about honoring men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. It is a holiday to commemorate the sacrifices these servicemembers and their families made for their country. Instead of creating a generic patriotic shirt, there are some ways to zero in on the celebration of this holiday specifically.

Honor a fallen loved one

You may know someone, either in your family or a friend, who served in and was killed in the line of duty. You can pay tribute to this person specifically with your custom T-shirt. Put this person’s name somewhere on your T-shirt.  If you had a special nickname for this individual, feel free to use this instead. You can also put “in loving memory” and either the dates they served in the military or the birth and death dates. If you have a photo, contemporary technology allows companies to screenprint a photo onto a shirt.

Honor multiple or all fallen veterans

You could pay tribute to all fallen veterans instead of an individual. This could be done by listing multiple names or by using a phrase, such as “Thank you, veterans.” You could also simply put, “Happy Memorial Day” on the cheap custom T-shirts.

How to Celebrate the Fourth of July

Independence Day is another patriotic holiday that we celebrate during warm months. The day typically includes backyard barbecues, fireworks, and patriotic music.

Honor the date of independence

When designing a custom T-shirt to celebrate the Fourth of July, you could list “July 4th, 1776” somewhere on the shirt to commemorate the date.

Use a more generic phrase

You could also use a more generic phrase, such as “Happy 4th of July!” along with other wording or pictures.

Feature common things that are associated with the holiday

You could also incorporate things that people associate with the holiday. You could have your shirt feature fireworks or sparklers.

Designs for Either Holiday

A similar theme between the two holidays would be the colors you incorporate in the T-shirt. You could use red, white and blue for different elements of the shirt. You can incorporate these colors into the color of the shirt itself, the pictures you use and the font. Consider a base color of red or white and then put darker colors on it.

The United States flag

The flag is an element many companies put on patriotic shirts. You can use an image of the flag for either holiday. Imagine the flag in a wave-like pattern or just a simple rectangle.

Use pictures related to grilling out

You might feature common activities that people do on these holidays. This would include grilling out. If you throw a barbecue or a party to commemorate these occasions, you could also create custom T-shirts for the event to give to your guests or just for the hosts of the party. This would be a fun thing to give to your guests and add fun to your party. Consider words like “Smith Annual Barbecue” followed by the date.

Design Elements

There are many colors to choose from when picking a design for your cheap custom T-shirts. You don’t need to keep with white. Since you’re celebrating patriotic holidays, you could instead use a red or blue T-shirt. It’s important to make sure to pick a font that won’t drown out the rest of the shirt’s design.

Color of the font

Make sure you choose a font color that stands out from the rest of the shirt. You can also change up the font to make it more unique. Choose something that is easy to read so others won’t need to guess at the wording.

Cut of the shirt

Different people like different cuts of T-shirts. Make sure to take into account the recipient’s unique style. If you are giving away shirts at a party or gathering, have some in a variety of styles and sizes so

everyone gets something that fits them well. They are sure to want to wear it again in the future.

Pick comfortable material

It’s important to pick material that is soft and comfortable. You don’t want to put the time into creating a custom T-shirt if it’s not something that you enjoy wearing.

The summer holidays are a fun time to create and wear custom T-shirts. If you take some care in creating these shirts, you can have something as a great keepsake.

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Why Cheap White Tees are Great for Customization

The plain white tee might seem like the most basic article of clothing in your closet. It’s also one of the most popular articles of clothing in today’s culture. From Hollywood stars to everyday fashionistas, cheap white tees been a staple in most closets since the early 1900s. Ordinary T-shirts prove their ability to add style and function to any outfit while maintaining its reputation for being timeless. Over the years, the white T-shirt evolved from a utility shirt used solely as an undershirt to a closet essential for both dressy occasions and casual outings. It’s now even used as a staple in the growing popularity of T-shirt customization. What is the appeal of this seemingly basic piece of clothing that was once used only for the purpose of underwear?


Originally an undergarment, the plain white T-shirt came out of hiding and has become an iconic piece of clothing among people from many walks of life. The easy-going style of a white tee puts off a vibe of savvy sophistication while remaining fashionably casual at the same time. Since white goes with any color, it makes it an easy choice when pairing the shirt with logos and artwork.

Flattering to the Figure

White can be a flattering color to wear for both men and women of all sizes and cultures. Using a white tee as the backdrop for a custom design can make employees, volunteers and team members feel confident, cool and fashionable.

Understated Yet Powerful

The simple nature of a white tee can be powerful when customizing with a basic logo or slogan. Colorful images and even black logos can pop against a white background, and that makes your brand sound out loud and clear. With a simple white T-shirt comes a lot of ways to customize it to make it your own. The possibilities are endless.


A white T-shirt is so versatile that it can be used as part of a uniform. Consider pairing it with or casual pants, jeans, skirts and shorts. Dressy or super casual, male or female, child or adult, the white T-shirt offers a flexibility that few other garments can provide.

Easy to Personalize

Starting with the “blank slate” of cheap white tees can create all kinds of possibilities for design and customization.  Logos, slogans, quotes, custom artwork and images in just about any color can add a whole new look to this simple garment. Accessories such as hats, blazers, scarves, jewelry, and vests can also add variety and dress up an otherwise simple, customized white tee.

Variety of Styles

While the white tee appears to be just one kind garment, it does offer different styles to fit different tastes. V-necks, crew necks, fitted, loose, long and short white T-shirts are commonplace on store shelves and in garment warehouses. The variety is there to make a white tee fit your taste.


Another benefit of using a simple, white tee for your customization is the comfort of lightweight cotton. Easy to wear and short-sleeved, the comfort of the white T-shirt is what made it a popular undergarment for soldiers, farmers, and industrial workers in the early 1900s. Use the comfy white customized tee for active jobs that require a lot of movement. Think volunteering, restaurant work, bartending, races or sporting events.

Good for All Ages

The comfort of the white tee makes it a perfect “fit” for people of all ages. Whether it’s a group of kids at summer camp, a teen fundraiser or a senior center event, the white tee is easy to customize for the occasion and comfortable for just about everyone.

An Overall Easy Choice

A white T-shirt is a great starting point when trying to decide how to customize your cheap white tees. The practicality of a white T-shirt lends itself nicely as a great branding tool for all kinds of industries including restaurants, bars, hotels, nonprofits, schools, bands and much, much more.

Easy to Design

Take the pressure off when trying to match colors, accessories and brand palettes with a white T-shirt as your foundation. Then, let your customization do the work of promoting your message or organization.


Cheap white tees are popular among all age groups. No matter how you choose to customize your T-shirts, you’ll find that people will be happy knowing they can wear this garment well and look good in a white tee.


You’ll also find that cheap white tees are an affordable option that can fit your budget whether you need a small or large order. It’s also a readily available product, making it an easy choice when customized shirts are needed on short notice. Let us know when you are ready to transform cheap white tees into special garments for your business or personal cause.


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Using Branding and Cheap Custom Tees to Market a Construction Business

Spring and summer are great times of the year to promote your construction business. The weather is just starting to warm up, which causes people to think about renovations and construction projects. People often wait until this time of year to begin home improvement projects or even begin new construction. The two popular seasons are ideal times to renovate a home, as the weather is more comfortable. Home renovations can be a bit uncomfortable anyway. People often wait until at least the weather is comfortable to start making changes to their home. Branding your biz with cheap custom tees is a smart way to market your construction enterprise.

Warm Weather Marketing 

When it comes to new construction, there is something about spring that plants the thought into people’s minds. Maybe it has something to do with spring cleaning that makes people think about an updated house. People considering construction projects are likely entertaining the idea during the warmer months.

Logos and Signage

There are many ways to advertise your construction company when the weather starts to improve. There are plenty of marketing strategies that will benefit your business. Many businesses like to display their logos on their business vehicles, even when not being used during company hours. Constructions companies also use signage on current construction projects. Of course, these companies also pair with other businesses and use networking to attract new clients.

Marketing That People Will Wear

One savvy strategy that you may not necessarily think about is creating a t-shirt to market your construction business. Many people are walking advertisements for millions of brands every day. We subconsciously notice these subliminal marketing ads: a man wearing a soda or beer brand t-shirt. You may see a child dressed in a cartoon t-shirt. Sports fans may think they are representing their favorite team when wearing clothing with its name and logo all over it, and that they are; however, they are also marketing that team’s brand.

Customized Your Construction Shirt

Creating a custom designed t-shirt with your construction company’s logo, colors, and other trademark symbols will be a fantastic advertisement for your business. You cannot put a price on this brilliant marketing strategy. Create the t-shirt, then give them away as incentives or freebies. Marketing will those receiving the t-shirt, as well as those who see the person wearing the t-shirt, to take action and contact your company.

Cheap Custom Tees with Purchases

When a custom signs up for home or commercial renovations, present the contract with a cheap custom tee. It’s a way to show your appreciation for their business while putting your brand out to the public.

High Fashion Construction Tee

It is not enough to just put your name on a t-shirt. You must strategically design the shirt to reflect your company. At a glance, people need to identify your brand. When they need construction or know someone who does, your name will flash through their minds.

Make it Wearable

A great design for your tee is only the beginning. The tee needs to be something that people want to wear. People love free stuff, so regardless of what the tee looks like, people will take it. You want them to want to wear the tee in public, not just to clean the house or do yard work. Although, doing yard work should get the t-shirt some attention from neighbors or passer-bys.

Slogans and Sayings

You want to entice people with the tee. Make it fashionable and ensure that it has a catchy statement on it. Come up with a slogan that will motivate and inspire people, as everyone loves motivational quotes. Here are some motivational slogans that will grab attention and point people toward your business for their construction need, such as “building success” and “under construction.” They can be whimsical and catchy to be more memorable. The list of possible construction slogans or catchphrases is almost endless. Remember not to get too caught up in the slogan, as the focal point needs to be your business. The idea is to make the tee appealing to all people. They should be excited to receive it, but even more excited to wear it.


After creating your cheap custom tees, determine how you will distribute your t-shirts. You can give your tees out during promotional events, such as tradeshows and expos. You can give a free tee to anybody inquiring about your services, or receive a quote from your business. If you have a mailing list, you can even mail a few out to people.

Harness the Marketing Power

There is marketing power in using t-shirts to advertise your business. Consider the potential of using cheap custom tees to promote your enterprise. Wearers become a mobile billboard for your company brand.

Remember to create a fashion-forward designed tee. Make your logo the focus, but add some inspiration to grab the public’s attention. As a construction business, you build into people’s lives. Use that fact and be creative with what you put on your complimentary tee. You are bound to be noticed when people are wearing your brand. Work with us to create cheap custom tees that help bring your business to the next level of recognition and success.

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