Why is a Cheap Custom T-Shirt Like a Moving Nashville Billboard?

T-shirts make great promotional tools that increase the awareness of your brand. Creating a cheap custom t-shirt is also a cost-effective way to spread the word about your business. Cheap custom t-shirts are highly visible and make an impression and work like moving Nashville billboards to promote your brand.

Universal Use

Custom t-shirts are so very versatile. People wear tee shirts to go for a run, or to a Nashville gym, people wear tees when they are running errands, or completing chores around their home or just when they sit on their couch and watch TV. Depending on the job some people even wear tee shirts to work. Everyone has a need for a tee shirts. Of all the promotional products out there, custom tees are the one that pretty much appeal to everyone.

Targeted Advertising

Custom printed t-shirts are like other forms of advertising, such as print ads, television commercials and billboards. By putting your message out there customers will see it and be introduced to your brand or reminded of your company. Tees make great promotional products because they are mobile advertisements. A billboard is only viewed by people who pass by. Television commercials are only seen by people who happen to watch when it airs. Custom tees can infiltrate just about anywhere.

Brand Ambassadors

People in your demographic who support your brand enough to wear a custom tee bearing your information probably have friends who also fit your demographic. When a person wears a custom tee shirt they serve as an ambassador for your brand. Caring enough to own and wear a t-shirt is essentially giving an endorsement.

Research shows that people trust the opinions and recommendations of friends and relatives. Wearing a custom t-shirt is a silent recommendation that not only increases the familiarity around your brand, but also shows a level of trust and esteem that customers experience with your brand.

Constant Reminder

People wear t-shirts all the time, and when your customers wear your tee they will get your branding message seen. The marketing value of tees are twofold.

Establish Familiarity

The owner of the t-shirt will remember your brand every time they put the shirt on, do laundry and even when they are looking for something to wear. Your branding message will always be there and it will become familiar.

Spread the Word

When people wear your custom t-shirt they will get your message out there in front of a larger audience. Everyone that person encounters while they wear your shirt will see your branding message. From friends, family, coworkers and even strangers they will all see your logo. They may not know the name of your company or even what you do, but they will become familiar with your brand. That familiarity increases the odds of people doing business with your brand.

Cost Effective Promotional Product

Creating custom tees is inexpensive. The type of shirt and the artwork determine the final cost. For a tight budget tees are a worthwhile investment that will deliver an impressive return on investment. If you are comfortable making a larger investment and opting for more expensive shirts you are still likely to see a return on that expense. Higher quality shirts last longer and therefore deliver more views, or impressions.


Often a company will create custom tees to give away at trade shows or other events. Giving away your custom designed tees proves to be a good marketing investment. People love free stuff, so when you hand out free tees people will be certain to take you up on that offer. As people wear your tee they will promote your brand.

Recoup Your Expense

Many businesses sell their custom designed t-shirts in their brick and mortar shop or online. Selling promotional tees allows you to make back the money you invested along with a profit. People who buy custom tees either really like the design of the tee or they really like your brand, or maybe a combination of both of those things. When you sell tees the people who do wear your shirts show their dedication to your brand.

Turn Your Idea Into Artwork

To create a stunning and memorable custom tee think about your brand and what specifically the shirt will promote. A custom t-shirt can commemorate a particular product or a milestone. Determine the goal and the scope and get busy creating your artwork. Maybe you have an idea, but no graphic design skills or access to design software. Our talented team of designers can lend a hand and take care of the design work for you. We can also provide ideas if you are unsure what direction to take the design.

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How to Design Custom Tees Nashville Customers Want to Wear

Designing custom tees can be fun and maybe even a bit of a challenge. Custom tee shirts are effective and sought after promotional products, so using tees as marketing tools can be very beneficial. In order for a promotional tee shirt to be effective the design needs to appeal to your customers. The more appealing the design the more your supporters will sport the tee and the more exposure they give your brand. Put these tips to use to design a custom tee your Nashville customers will want to wear.

Identify the Purpose

Figure out what you want to achieve with your custom tee shirt. Determine if you are generally promoting your business or zeroing in on a specific product or service. A custom tee can be used to commemorate an event, like an anniversary, milestone or even an annual sale. Narrow down the scope to make the design itself easier to create, but also to make your message clear and concise for Nashville consumers.

Know Your Audience

To create a great design you need to understand your brand and know what appeals to your customers. The theme or concept needs to be true to your brand, and the purpose of the tee. Decide if the tone is serious or funny or something else altogether and built out the design around that initial tone.

Include Your Logo

Your logo identifies your brand and when people see your logo they will recognize your brand. Feature your logo in a prominent way in the design of your tee, so the shirt is an extension of your marketing. Failure to include the logo may cause confusion about whether the tee is a serious branding piece that promotes your Nashville company or something else.

Pick the Colors

If you have corporate colors, or colors you typically use in your marketing pieces feature those when you design custom tees. This will create consistency and ensure your custom designed tee shirt fits in with your larger branding efforts.

Coordinate Ink and Shirt Colors 

Remember that when designing a tee shirt you can select the ink colors, as well as the shirt colors. Get creative and choose a shirt color that is one of your business’ colors and showcase the other colors using ink. This is a thoughtful design decision that will help ensure the tee represents your brand and image.

Be Mindful of Colors

The ink and shirt colors may play off one another in a way that may differ from how the design looks on a computer screen. Sometimes in order to make the ink appear on a dark shirt it may be necessary to run the ink multiple times or to run a light color first followed by the darker final color. Light colored inks may be difficult to see on a light colored shirt. Also keep in mind that the color of the shirt may impact how the inks display. Light inks may appear deeper over a dark fabric and light inks may look washed out over a light fabric.

Look for Balance

The design should be cohesive and the entire design should work together. If your eye is drawn to one spot in particular the design is unbalanced. For instance, if the design features a lot of heavy coverage and block text, but one area of the design features delicate, curved lines that area of the artwork may stand out and not fit into the overall aesthetic

Pick the Placement

Decide where the artwork should be placed on the tee shirt. Artwork can be placed on the front and the back, or just one of those locations. Artwork can be centered or placed closer to the neckline or hem. Depending on the artwork different placement options may make more sense.

Design Tips Concerning Cost

Be aware of any budget limitations when creating your artwork. For instance, the more colors in your artwork the more expensive the design will be to print. Create a design that features one color or just two colors to keep costs within your budget. The shirt itself is a significant decision. Less expensive shirts may be more budget-friendly, but more expensive shirts are constructed to last and will likely promote your brand for a longer period of time.

We Can Lend a Hand

Put these tips to work if you have an idea and access to design software, so you can create your own artwork for your unique tee shirt. Our team is ready to help out if you have an idea, but you lack the design skills or software to make your concept into reality. We are also available to help if you have questions about the process.

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Why Nashville Musicians Need Customized Tees for Marketing

Custom tees are a rite of passage for musicians. Fans expect to see custom tee shirts at the merch table and they make great marketing tools. As a Nashville musician you can get your name out there and gain support all through creating and selling custom tees. Here is why you need customized tees to marketing your band.

Custom Tees Show Fandom

Custom tees that bear your solo name or the name of your band are a souvenir fans can wear to show their support. Many fans collect band tees and will hold on to them for years.

Custom Tees Spread Awareness

When your band is just starting out you need to make potential fans aware you exist. When your fans wear a custom tee that bears your band’s name they will get your information in front of a wider audience. Tee shirts work like signs or billboards that display your name. When one person wears your shirt they will spread your name to their friends, family, classmates, coworkers and even strangers they pass while running errands.

Established Acts Benefit From Tees

Even if your music career is going strong and you have a large and loyal following custom tees still deliver value. Tees work like a reminder and keep your name front of mind for both your fan wearing the shirt, and the people your fan encounters while they wear your shirt and go about their day.

Quality Investment

As a promotional product custom tees are a smart investment. A lot of factors from the artwork to the number of shirts ordered impact what you will pay, but your investment is typically inexpensive. You can sell the custom tees for more than what you paid and make a profit. Furthermore, when your fans wear the shirt they will promote your music and increase awareness and recognition around your band. Tees lead to more fans who listen to and appreciate your music, as well as more ticket, album and tee shirt sales.

Tips to Create the Perfect Customized Tee for Your Band

Take the time to think through the design when ordering your band’s custom tees. With some careful thought you can create a stunning shirt that your fans will want to get their hands on.

Go Big with a Large Design

Maximize the space and use as much as possible. Our printable area is 13” x 13”. The cost is the same if you print part of that space of the full area, so go big and make sure your message is seen.

Single or Double Sided Printing

Printing on both sides of a shirt increases the cost, but it also increases the visibility of your marketing message. As your fans wear your shirt they will get the word out about your band on both the front and back of the tee. If your budget is limited consider just printing on the front to keep costs down.

Minimize Use of Colors

Every color used in the artwork requires another screen and another run – this adds up. If your objective is to be cost effective, go with fewer colors. You can still design an impactful and eye-catching custom tee only using one or two colors. The color of the shirt matters, too. Dark colored tees may require multiple runs for the ink to take and the artwork to display as intended. Lighter colored tees display just about any color of ink and only require one run.

Select a Quality Tee

When creating customized tees the quality of the shirt matters. Higher quality shirts are more expensive, but this is an investment that will pay off. Quality shirts are softer and comfortable to wear, so your fans will likely wear the shirt more often. Nicer shirts will also hold up well and last longer, so that means fans will be rocking your band’s custom tee for a much longer time.

Increase the Quantity

Score a great deal by ordering a higher quantity of custom shirts. From a manufacturing standpoint producing a large quantity of custom tees is less expensive compared to a low quantity.

Consider the Numbers

Ordering a large quantity can be a great deal, but only if you can sell your inventory. For example, if you plan to order 1,000 custom tees increasing the quantity to 1,500 or 2,000 may be worth considering. Increasing the quantity to 10,000 custom tees will drastically reduce the price per shirt, but that will leave you with a lot of shirts to sell.

Stay Local

Working with a local Nashville tee shirt printer can streamline and simplify the entire process. As a Music City printer we understand the importance of creating custom tees to support your musical career and our vibrant city. From design help to quickly turning around orders our team is available to help at every step of the way.

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